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  1. What were they thinking?! "Uhhh, Hey guys lets Eff up the forum format; whataya say?" I think that's how it must have gone. No one can screw things up this bad accidentally.
  2. :huh: We don't wanna see your receipt, we wanna see Zotac RTX 3090 DCS performance videos.
  3. Well, you know If you have a 3090, it's a DCS mandatory requirement to post a youtube video sitting on the super carrier with FPSVR. Looking around in at out of the cockpit, followed by some flight time. And MUST be within 48 hour of installation. You know that right? (Within 72 hours for the 3080).
  4. Typically speed trumps timings. However, you will get diminished returns as you increase speed and therefore will want to tighten up your timings at some point. I was previously running Gskill 4600mhz 16GB (2x8gb). I decided to increase my memory to 32gb, but at the time, the fastest ram I could find was Gskill 4000mhz (2X16gb). MY motherboard is a EVGA Z390 Dark it only has two dimm slots, and was specifically built that way for overclocking. I ran benchmarks to see if I would get better performance in DCS VR with the increase in ram 16gb vs 32gb. Sadly, I did not get any performance increase or decrease in DCS VR in any configuration I tested. The 16gb at 4600mhz with the same timings as the 4000mhz 32gb, no change. Reducing the 4600mhz 16gb down to 4000mhz vs 32gb same timings, no change. Even though my system was using almost all 16gb of ram with the 16gb set and up to 25gb with the 32gb set, in DCS VR, there was zero performance change from one configuration to the next. I gave my 4600mhz ram to my Son to add to his system, which put him from 16gb to 32gb (4x8gb) on a Z170 with 7700k and a watercooled 2080ti. He saw no performance change in DCS VR.
  5. Star Wars Squadron game play is fun, but I'm NOT at all impressed with the graphics. In some areas it looks cartoonish like borderlands. Elite Dangerous is a much older game with far superior graphics, especially in VR.
  6. "...You'll see the whole bandwidth there, from 0% to whatever. In DCS and VR you can really push the limits with it." Huh? Can you specify? What does any of that mean?
  7. Do you have any pics or video of that 41%? I haven't seen any benchmarks coming anywhere near 41%.
  8. DCS On A RTX 3090! VoodooDE VR - english version Time stamps for DCS are 3:05 with a recap at 10:58 Make sure you subscribe to this guys channel for his hard work.
  9. Originally Posted by eatthis what memory is that? GSkill TRIDENTZ F4-4000C19D-32GTZSW DDR4-4000 CL 19-19-19. I'm unable to clock it passed 4000 but I'm able to tighten up the timings @ Cl 16-16-16. Rock solid stable.
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