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  1. Kudos to you for putting the effort in. I would like the distorted personally.
  2. Hi, I think this should get looked at. In multiplayer you will not receive nails from players if the player is further than your max detection range. This behavior is not present with AI. Attached is my track server-20210919-195935.trk
  3. Will g-load limitations be added to pylons/stores in the future? Some modules have this modeled like the JF-17 and the M-2000 (to a degree) but it's absent from the Eagle Dynamic modules. The F-16 for instance is restricted to the following:
  4. It's already been reported.
  5. Krippz

    RWR Sounds

    Yeah don't know where that guy heard that from but haven't seen anyone say that. Sound mods work just fine from the Saved Games folder.
  6. Would be great if the priority was modeled.
  7. Squadron: 64 Aggressors Timezone: EU/US Maps: Cauc, Syria, PG
  8. Why even have to go through all that Panther is a SME and works on Vipers and said as much above your post that it's not possible.
  9. Squadron Name: 64th Aggressor Squadron Discord ID on MVP Discord: <64>Krippz Contact person Discord ID: Krippz#6204 Aircraft Selection. F/A-18C Pilots: USA - <64>Krippz
  10. Seeing a missile on the scope is one thing, but currently, an STT lock can change from a bandit that's going 0.9 Mach, hot, 15 NM away, to your launched missile that's 2.5 Mach, cold, 2 NM away. Zero range and velocity gating is currently implemented, it's kind of a mess. Agree.
  11. Yeah but neither are modeled in DCS.
  12. F-14A Pilot: <64>Krippz RIO: <64>Vati
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