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  1. He flew the plane that's the subject of this report dude lol . On-topic though it would be great if the load limits that he mentions were added to the damage model.
  2. There's also tons pilots accounts where pilots state that they would prefer to not have it equipped and would rather the extra speed/horsepower with it removed. The effective range is the effective range, it's not going to change much.
  3. <64>Krippz - Red Navy F-14A <64>Vati - Red Navy (RIO) F-14A
  4. Wow; awesome job everyone. We truly have talented members in the community.
  5. Can you post a track and not a gif and state which version of open beta this was done on. The reason for the request is that some people have been sharing old gif's that aren't representative of the current open beta.
  6. As others have said based off of all of the pilot accounts it's pretty much rarely used and borderline useless.
  7. Maybe this is better for a different thread but the F-14 has a boresight mode that allows the Sparrow to be fired in CW mode that uses the flood antenna on the AWG-9. If you have a concern make a thread and post a track.
  8. There's an existing bug where flood mode causes the AIM-7 to behave like a ARH missile. Already reported.
  9. Would definitely love to have this in DCS to add more "depth".
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