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  1. There have been a number of hardcore overclockers complaining about the ASUS ROG boards for some time now. Their VRM topology is not the best and there are a host of other problems several have noted including with the onboard USB 3. Partially for these reasons and also because of my excellent success with them, I began listing the Gigabyte Aorus line of motherboards for use with DCS and VR in the Hardware List: https://jaytheskepticalengineer.com/...hardware-list/ As of Fall, 2020, I feel the overall electrical engineering of the Aorus line of motherboards is superior to the Republic of
  2. It would be better JayRoc if you had a true apples to apples test but thank you for your contribution. Similar to what you found with the 6800 XT, I have found the 6900 XT to have more consistent framerate timings, and the VR experience (through the Reverb G2) is just slightly better. With such a small delta my normal reaction would be to say that it is apophenia but for other technical reasons that I will add here on Dec 8th, I am now fairly sure that it is not. Declamsia be damned.
  3. Sorry Lurker, ... no I do not. We have one RTX 3080 in our lab, but I have not personally used it, nor does that machine have DCS installed on it. I thought one of the other guys had used it with DCS, but I found out that he did not. Sorry.
  4. I also got a few emails asking about 6900 XT performance on the Intel 10900K - Z490 platform vs the RTX 3090. I can't tell you yet with exact details about that because neither one of our 6900 XT cards is being used for gaming much. (We do artificial neural network simulation) That said, I am going to take an intelligent guess and say that if you plug the 6900 XT into a top line Intel system, it will be within the RTX 3090 by plus/minus two or three percent, and in conjunction with the Reverb G2. (No, ... I am not testing either card with the Facebook Quest 2 because I don't like how Facebo
  5. Tigger, I love the sense of humor :) To Rage and everyone else, the only reason I can't go into 6900 XT details is because of the NDA. California is filled with nasty intellectual property lawyers who would love to collect on an easy settlement. (It is part of the reason we have almost no diving boards at any public pool in this state. I have to take my small son to a "diving center" and pay for $60 an hour diving lessons if I want him to learn how to do a back flip off a high dive board.) What I can say is that the 6900 XT is a viable card that will either be a few percentage points ahead
  6. That was helpful Gunnars. I had a few of the same impressions in my short time with the 8KX. I appreciate you taking the time to write that up.
  7. No, because if you install the 6900 XT on an Intel 10900K + Z490 board system, you will get equal FPS performance with respect to the RTX 3090 but with slightly better visuals for at least $750 less. (Actually, right now, it is most likely going to be closer to $1000 less.)
  8. AMD (Ryzen 9 5950X - Gigabyte Aorus Master X570 board - RX 6900 XT)
  9. Excellent question Exil. We have one 6800 XT in the lab, but we do not primarily use our GPUs for gaming of course (we use them for ML computation and ANN simulation). One of the guys was goofing off after hours with it and DCS, but I do not recall off the top of my head how it performed. I do have personal experience with DCS and the Reverb G2 in conjunction with the 6900 XT. What I can say without drawing heat from AMD's legal department is that a full AMD system (Ryzen 9 5950X - X570 board - 6900 XT) performs better and ever so slightly faster in VR than an Intel 10900K - Z490 - RX 3090 pla
  10. The NDA lifts on Dec 8th for the 6900 XT Rage. I mention this because Christmas is approaching and many simmers might like to know which way the wind is blowing with respect to future purchases. Of course, if you believe I am faking it, I won't take it personally. It is for your benefit, ... not mine.
  11. SAM adds about 2 to 5% depending upon some preset parameters. (On average, it is about 2.4%.) In beta DCS as of tonight, the RX 6900 XT is 2.3% faster in VR with the G2 than the 3090. Granted, not much, but then the 6900 XT is likely to be $700 or so cheaper! Even if Nvidia improves their drivers and the 3090 pulls ahead by say, 4%, that is 4% for $700.
  12. Gunnars would you mind writing up a quick synopsis of your thoughts on the Pimax 8KX? Curious as to your impressions.
  13. I have two machines running Ryzen 3 chips in the lab. The 5950X is very nice and is faster than Intel 10900K and may even be faster than Rocket Lake in April or so of 2021. The 5950X when paired with a X570 motherboard is very nice and offers full PCIe 4.0. Very happy to see AMD back in the game bc that not only leads to more robust innovation but lower prices.
  14. Btw, the RTX 3080 works just fine with DCS. The difference compared to the 3090 is marginal with the Reverb G2 and a 5950/10900K. https://jaytheskepticalengineer.com/ - Where flight simming tech and interesting news come together.
  15. The best setup you can have for DCS is not completely out yet and would be made up of an AMD Ryzen 3 5950X, a X570 motherboard (think Gigabyte Aorus Master) and the upcoming RX 6900XT paired with the Reverb G2. Part of this is because of the Smart Access Memory feature. The 6900 XT is slightly better with VR than the Nvidia 3090, and I don't mean in just plain framerate, I mean in the rendering pipeline. The result is smoother. https://jaytheskepticalengineer.com/ - Where flight simming tech and interesting news come together.
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