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  1. My father was trying to get the free trial on steam and sees the same thing. Is this offer going to be extended so it can be fixed and people can try it, or will it just go away?
  2. Don't forget that the ball in the game will tend to put you on a 4 wire since the geometry of the carrier is off as well as the where they modeled the convergence of the lens. I know they say to keep and "active" ball, but if you want a 3 wire, you've got to be just under the center ball. TL;DR - don't feel bad if you get a 4 wire as you probably did everything correct.
  3. This is what they charged me. No VAT was applied. Maybe it's because of my location? I had no such intent to slander you or your service. I simply sent a casual PM as someone who tinkers with electronics as well. I saw your ebay post and it looks like you have an excellent service at a great value. I don't claim otherwise. As someone who infrequently visits the forums I just assumed you hadn't gotten a chance to respond to my PM. This is not in any way a retaliation against you for not responding. I think you offer a great service at a great price point. I literally just posted a
  4. Throttle 38194 purchased March 2015. ASRock ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming Fatal1ty Z97 Killer LGA 1150 Intel Z97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard I had my entire pit plugged into an Amazon basics USB 3.0 powered hub for a few years. Warthog Joystick & Throttle, TM Rudder, TM MFDs, Logitech G15 keyboard, Logitech Unifying reciever for a trackball mouse, and a Sparkfun Arduino for my extra switches. I would plug the hub into a USB extension when I wanted to use it. I had it unplugged for a while when I stopped playing DCS for a few months. I moved the pit to another room while
  5. Here is a short video explaining the effective glideslope. (TLDW; its less than 3.5 because the boat is moving; you need to aim where the boat is going to be at touchdown) In other words, you can't just peg your velocity vector at the optical touchdown point the entire way in the groove. Nor can you peg your velocity vector a 3.5 degrees on your HUD ladder and ride that in. The glideslope you end up flying is about 2.8 degrees (depends on a few factors though). That would be hard to guess at anyway with the the HUD ladder in 5 degree increments. Fly the ball, fly the ball, fly the ball..
  6. why yes, yes it is. It is exactly as you describe. I posted this last night here, and it got moved to the object error forum. Wasn't necessarily my intent to primarily highlight the error, but show people the net effect which is as you describe. I guess I can do that here.
  7. For those of you with insomnia, here is a corrected deep dive on the Stennis model and IFLOLS. Though my previous findings were made from some incorrect assumptions including the now erroneous suggestion to raise the IFLOLS model, the Stennis & IFLOLS are still wrong. Come see what it means here. You can literally skip to the last few minutes to see what it means for us. If it matters, all of this data was gathered about a month ago. I haven't seen any indications that any of this has been corrected, but I haven't looked super hard either. TLDR & TLDW: It's not realistic, bu
  8. I uncovered a small error in my numbers for extracting the DCS focal meatball focal point. I was making a plat cam overlay for OBS and realized the error in my method. After fixing the error, the hook appears to be aimed directly at the 3 wire on a 3.5 degree glide slope. The part I overlooked is that a 3.5 degree glide slope occurs mid way down the 1st ball below center. (There is no center ball by the way; 6 above & 6 below center). So catching a 4 wire if you're keeping the first ball above center lit, makes complete sense.
  9. Further investigation of the IFLOLS in game has uncovered more magical corrections. I'll be doing a video on it soon. Bankler and I have reverse engineered the IFLOLS focal point by debugging eyepoint position and doing some work in CAD. Basically, since the Stennis model is wrong, we have to decide which "wrong" we want to deal with. Based on the physical position of the IFLOLS as modeled in game, it should put you in the 2 wire. You can adjust the plat cam eyepoint position to correct you into a 3 wire if you'd like, but we discovered that the IFLOLS has you on a deeper path than that;
  10. You appealed to popularity or the fact that many people do something as an attempted form of validation. Let me know when you find whatever other evidence is out there that says its correctly sized. I'd really love to see it.
  11. Oh really? Do tell. I have hard data that says otherwise, but I'm open to possibilities.
  12. This TBH. Come find us on Discord. I'd personally be happy to walk you through every step of Case 1 from the initial to in the wires.
  13. True. Negligible - but true. Any of the findings taken at the extremes (short or long) assume the hook engages anyway which may not always be true. (Pitching deck, hook bounce, etc.) Take them with a just a pinch of salt.
  14. Gates are fixed to a physical spot in the world. This is object would be attached to a moving ship.
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