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  1. Thanks I've never heard of HQ4DCS, certainly worth checking. I hope through the inferno is not buggy as DCS missions tend to be. I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about:helpsmilie: I don't have such experience with the editor but I'm sure there are youtube guides on this.
  2. This is actually a good idea. Probably be a nice way to pass time after I'm fed up with missile jousting.:thumbup: Thanks, I'll check 'em out.
  3. Thanks for sharing you thoughts:thumbup:. But just isn't fun when you've place all the assets and enemies yourself. Part of the fun in DCS is building situational awareness on BRA calls and surveying target area with your pods (I keep F10 for allies only). I heard about dynamic campaign but I think it will take at least a few years cuz the Falcon guys apparently had a horrid time building it. But that would be a dream come true. Also, I agree that a few more options to customize instant mission creator would certainly refresh things.
  4. Hi, Lately I'm getting bored with this game. Not because I'm burned out, I love this game, but because I've exhausted the campaigns and SP missions for my modules (M2000C, A10C, Hornet, Ka-50) and many user files on the DCS site. I'm from India and the closest server I get is around 300-400 ping so online is out of the question for me. And I'm sure there are people like me from developing countries who aren't able to play online because of this. I've fooled around with the mission editor but there's no thrill when you know what enemy you've placed and where. I've not bought any new maps. Ne
  5. Thanks for the reply man. I guess I have to go low and use terrain to whenever possible cuz than seems like the best option with good chance of success. That leads me to a quick question, whenever enemy flankers attack me they climb to 35000 feet to engage. Therefore if I want to fight head on I must climb to them but I'm finding quite hard to find kill range for my slammers. I know that it is around 10 miles at 20000ft and below while keeping your plane at high speeds but after lots of missile jousting I still can't find a good range.
  6. Hi, I just wanted to know two things actually 1. What do pilots do in real life when they get vectored to a threat? Do they try to not get detected and maneuver to a more advantageous position like on their flanks, or do they just go and fight head to head like we do in single player missions? Here, I'm not talking about BVR maneuvers but actual positioning before the fight begins. 2. Since I only play single player, I wanted to know how to ambush or flank the AI fighters without them knowing about it. As of now they detect me and head straight towards me no matter if they don't have AWA
  7. Well ED doesn't accept cards from my country. Steam does that's why its my only option. Anyways, I grew up watching Mi 8's near my home but weirdly never been a fan of it. Also, totally forgot the Harrier, does it have an Official Campaign yet?
  8. Thanks for reply guys. Unfortunately, I have the sim on steam and helo bundle's not available there. So I guess getting Ka 50 and its Republic DLC is a better deal than the map?
  9. Hi, I'm in a bit of dilemma right now. I bought the F/A 18C but after a month of playing I'm getting bored because there's not much content right now for the module. Same thing when I got the Mirage, only a single campaign and some user made missions. I'm a SP guy and to me the Hog is the best module because of DLC campaigns and also a lot of community missions I really want the Persian Gulf map but I fear I'll run into the same problem of not enough content as there's no official campaigns other than a few user made stuff. I'm also quite interested in owning a helo and Ka 50 is on the top
  10. Thanks for reply. Good to hear Maddog is on it. I remember getting this game for the first time in 1.5xx and F15 campaigns were broken even then. I downloaded the Maddog version and his was working fine although SEAD missions were still screwed. Baltic Dragon also fixes his campaign every now and then but it would help if missions don't get messed up every update.
  11. Hi, I hope ED is not believing that all of its user base has jumped to the hornet because many campaigns have been broken for so long but haven't been fixed yet. I'm not posting on specific campaigns section because other people already have threads about the same bugs and problems that I'm facing. For example, in the F15 default campaign the SEAD flight can't even get to EWR and miss most of their missiles trying to kill defending SAM's then die to them afterwards resulting in mission failure. In the very next mission the F15 E flight manages to bomb the runway but nothing h
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