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  1. European Hornets are recruiting! Location: Europe , AGE:30+, we need skilled leader and pilots on all positions. PM me if willing to join
  2. So if you don't read the petition here is what I posted there... After that I am off!!! ..I.. This is what I becomes today in the early! We are not officially affiliated with this petition: You need to stop, we did not authorize this. You are using video that does not belong to us. And does not reflect our product. You are accepting donations ? On whose authority ? That is a violation of DCS's terms of service. We know you mean well, but you should have checked with us 1st. I don't get any donations for this petition, just want to help because this : It's from Jaz hi
  3. Dear Jaz! This are your words: If people want This as a module they need to contact ED and tell them! The more people who show a demand for the product, the more ED will be inclined to provide us with a contract for that product. I am flattered that people want to pay for a module based on this aircraft. Why we must write one by one? Over 100 ppl signed the petition, and you can show or we can show this to ED and that's it! But if you want I try to delete the petition...
  4. Jaz I don't know if you follow my petition but we are over 100 signed people! I can write something to the people how's signed ? Best regards!
  5. Dear Jaz! Thanks for the info... Can u tell me where I or all other players must contact ED to get your module?
  6. I think they have working hours in there !!! I ready to pay to if needed!!
  7. Hey man!!! I can't wait for it!!!! I'll take already pills to sleep well :)
  8. Many thanks to your reply can't wait to fly with!!! :thumbup::pilotfly::worthy:
  9. Can we get info about the release?
  10. Please give us some info about the standings
  11. I9-9900k 36Ghz MSI Z390 Meg Ace Corsair Dominator 3300mhz Samsung 950 pro ssd MSI gtx1080 X2 Sli Pimax 5k+ VR Base VR Setup on dcs Pixel density 1.5 38 fps... Only ... Even if I OC the CPU for 5 GHz Why you don't use this by the development? https://developer.nvidia.com/vrworks/graphics/vrsli
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