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  1. I got my Reverb G2 today and overall it runs great, right up to the point when your a couple of hours in on the Syria map and you hit F10 and it crashes.
  2. An hour and a half in tonight, steam VR shut down. So unfortunately for me the USB thing didn't help. Interestingly I had a second Steam VR crash, after I had left DCS while chatting on Discord. The plot thickens... It was very hot here tonight is all I can put it down too.
  3. Can anyone point me too a working version of this script? It used to work great but cant get it too function anymore. :( Thanks.
  4. It took me a bit too find it too Harlikwin, but its there. Go to settings, power and sleep, additional power settings, change plan settings, change advanced power settings, scroll down too USB settings and you should find it there. I will give this a try tonight and remain hopeful!
  5. Yes sorry i should have given more actual information, it was getting pretty late though. I will compile what I can as soon as I can following the trend over the last few pages, we will get too the bottom of this!
  6. Hey for what its worth guys, I have been following this thread closely as it is something that effects me a lot. I thought I would try Pikeys page file settings and instant improvement (going from 'let windows manage it'), in that I dont have to try 4 times just to be able to jump in an aircraft on our MP server (crashing at the selection screen), maybe just twice now. Also had slight improvement across the board crashes wise but alias it is still crashing under the same circumstances. Tonight after a 700 mile, 3 refuel round trip with under 100 miles to go back too the boat after an amazing 2
  7. From what I understand higher octane fuel takes more energy to ignite, so it pulls heat out of the engine to assist with combustion. I used to think the higher the octane the more 'flammable' the fuel is, but its quite the opposite. The higher the number goes the harder it is to ignite but the more energy it gives off once it ignites. That's how it was explained to me by the more experienced guys when we used to run AV gas in our moto x bikes anyway.
  8. That is consistent with what I am getting, main crashes for me are role selection menu and F10 map view. SUPER frustrating! i7 8700, 2080 Super, 32G RAM, M2 SSD, HP Reverb.
  9. Running higher octane fuel would reduce engine temperatures, so that would be welcome in the Mustang.
  10. Turns out it was probably the horrendous weather I was flying in. In good weather it was the deck lights were visible from about a mile out. Would have thought it would be a bit further though.
  11. Practicing Case 3 recovery's last night and we couldn't get the deck lighting to come on at all. Went through all the proper comms at the right time and nothing, couldn't see the boat until I was literally on it. The only thing that was working was the long range line up light. This was on the USS Harry S. Truman.
  12. Multiple guys reporting this at Choppa Tuesday last night.
  13. Glad to see this thread. Our dedicated server missions are pretty heavy and now I just cant use F10, it will crash the Reverb as described by the OP pretty much every time.
  14. Yes this is happening too me a lot! It seems way worse when I plug the headset in the USB on the motherboard, if I run it through the powered USB hub its not as bad. I thought it was just part of my borked Reverb dying but seeing this thread now I'm not so sure...
  15. Yes that was a bit of a shame I think, taking fuel in the FA18 off the KC135 was a hoot! And the touching tips jokes never got old...Plus they can for real, albeit with a short drogue out of the boom, but it was at least doable before.
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