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  1. Same problem here. Fixed it easily installing latest Visual C++ redistributable package from Microsoft site: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784 Best regards, Juan Andres "Susto"
  2. I'm 11 missions into the campaign and already got more than my money's worth. Missions are varied and not so hard as to become frustrating, I think they got the balance just right. Now, let's get a also a "blue" campaign, It would be the perfect excuse to learn the F-15! :-) Best regards, Juan Andres
  3. You just read my mind, I was thinking exactly that while I flying 1.2.4 today. The clip I remember wasn't this one though, but a lone Flanker flying high among the clouds. As you said, amazing times indeed! :-) Best regards, Juan Andrés "Susto"
  4. Excellent program Thanks a lot for HawgTouch, ClearDark. It works exactly as advertised and makes using MFD *a lot* easier in multimonitor setups. I have three 1280x1024 monitors attached via TH2Go and HawgTouch works flawlessly, as you can see here: http://img850.imageshack.us/i/hawgtouch.jpg/ A big thumbs up for an excellent work! Best regards, Juan Andres "Susto" http://www.alasrojas.com
  5. Open the file "MFCD_init.lua" located in ..\Scripts\Aircrafts\A-10C\Cockpit\MFCD\indicator Go to "set_full_viewport_coverage(viewport)" function and remove the GENERAL purpose. --BEFORE-- purposes = {render_purpose.GENERAL, render_purpose.HUD_ONLY_VIEW, render_purpose.SCREENSPACE_OUTSIDE_COCKPIT, render_purpose.SCREENSPACE_INSIDE_COCKPIT} -- set purposes to draw it always --AFTER-- purposes = {render_purpose.HUD_ONLY_VIEW, render_purpose.SCREENSPACE_OUTSIDE_COCKPIT, render_purpose.SCREENSPACE_INSIDE_COCKPIT} -- set purposes to draw it alwa
  6. It sure was good news to see a bandit not taking the bait, but it only happened 50% of the time. I flew the mission twice and the first time he took the bait and got shot down. No changes in the mission, so I guess it must be some random factor. On the other hand, the F/A-18 from the first engagement that did not get shot down broke the fight every single time. I would like to think it had nothing to do with the Hornet being Spanish and the Tornado being German ;) All in all I think we are in for a great ride when it comes to BVR fighting in LOMAC 1.1. Good news for air-to-air people lik
  7. Some of our articles are kindly translated into Frech by the Check Six guys (http://www.checksix-fr.com), and, sometimes, also into English by the Biohazard people (http://www.biohazcentral.com/) I guess you will just have to wait :) And thanks by the kind words. Juan Andrés "Susto" Alas Rojas
  8. We've published a preview of LOMAC 1.1 BVR radar modes by flying a CAP mission in a MiG-29S. It is written in Spanish, but the images are worth a *detailed* look. http://www.alasrojas.com/lomac/preview11mig/ Best regards, Juan Andrés "Susto" Alas Rojas
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