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  1. Same here, 404s. Also think it would be a good idea to do a Git repo as I can then more easily track updates without having to dredge through some forum thread or watch Facebook/Reddit.
  2. This occurs in some other modules as well, like the JF-17: It seems it's a global DCS lighting engine bug, not specific to one module.
  3. Just tried to reproduce this using my Vive headset and without, and I'm not getting anything. Water was on high, mission settings were as set in the Reddit post. One interesting thing was that the white foam disappeared in VR for me. Was still very windy though.
  4. For whatever reason this mod is causing huge lag spikes whenever I change aircraft in the mission editor.
  5. Hello, I noticed that you have to overfly ground targets to get them to spawn. This is an issue for attacking naval units and ground units with Harpoons, SLAMs, CM-802AKGs, and C-802AKs, as your aircraft might not ever get within the spawn range of the units.
  6. I have this too in triple screens, my right monitor flashes black whenever the anticoll lights are on, and sometimes randomly. Very annoying. Have to fly with lights off.
  7. I think this is the pilot's arms flying around. It seems to stop if you turn the pilot model on.
  8. I think this is in the wrong subforum.
  9. This link appears to be broken, leads to a 404 page for me.
  10. EDIT: I'm dumb. If you are as dumb as I am, and also have this issue, turn ENABLE_SIMPLE_CANOPY off in _HMD.hlsl. I'm sorry if this has been answered already, but when using this mod with the latest version of DCS (I tried speed-of-heat's version too) the gauges in the A-10C II (and maybe other aircraft) have turned a milky white. Also, all baked in reflections are much more visible. Any idea which file is causing this? And yes, I made sure to delete my fxo and metashaders2 folders every time I made a change. Pics for comparison below.
  11. So we all know the new A-10C has the AGM-65L, but a few of the premade payloads in the ME have AGM-65Es on them. We can't select this missile via the right-click menu, but we can select the loadouts with it. It's functional in game. Is this intended or not? I know that ED got in trouble in the past for including the E, but this is probably different now. If they are allowed to have it, it would be nice to select both the E and L versions normally.
  12. Hello, Since DCS doesn't allow you to bind separate commands for switch press and release, the Special For Joystick commands are essential. However, I find it confusing that while the roll AP switch has them, the pitch AP does not; similarly, the Master Arm has one, but the Laser Arm does not. Please add commands for these switches (or allow us to bind keypress and keyrelease to different commands ourselves).
  13. The center of the spin of the aircraft in the ME seems to be offset to the rear of the model, making viewing of skins hard when zoomed in. https://imgur.com/a/QjGiPSZ
  14. Can confirm, I'm in the post. I was able to switch to it in the first mission I ran but in the second one it crashed.
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