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  1. Attention pilots: If you are interested in joining up with a growing Squadron, check out Joint Task Force Heavy [HVY]! We are accepting applications for pilots of all N.A.T.O. airframes, to join in on regular flying with us. HVY is divided into seven separate Squadrons, each flying a specific aircraft. While we organize like this, we only enforce flying your “Main Aircraft” in official Squadron sorties. Otherwise, you are always free to fly what you wish! We have - - Dedicated Persian Gulf and Caucasus (soon NTTR) servers. - Discord - Simple Radio Standalone (SRS) - Officia
  2. Joint Task Force Heavy [HVY] is a group of Squadrons that fly together in Digital Combat Simulator. If you are dedicated, professional, and want a mil-sim group that will teach and train with you - and run missions on our dedicated servers, we have your new home. Come check us out! https://www.jointtaskforceheavy.org/ -VooDoo
  3. Joint Task Force Heavy [HVY] now has a dedicated server with our own (amazing) mission that we run 24/7! We are a very structured group of Squadrons that handle all airframes that DCS has to offer. We assign our pilots to a Squadron based on what their primary aircraft is- so we can structure and run missions together. However, you are free to fly anything you want otherwise! Please check out our site at https://www.jointtaskforceheavy.org/who-is-hvy.html for further information!
  4. ATTENTION!!! Calling all pilots who want to specialize in - AJS-37 Viggen M-2000 Mirage MiG and Sukhoi variants SA342 Gazelle Ka-50 Black Shark Joint Task Force Heavy [HVY] is now filling the billets for a Coalition Squadron of said aircraft, to combine with our growing Joint Task Force that is gaining direction and talented members. Please find our info at https://www.jointtaskforceheavy.org/who-is-hvy.html, and join our Discord at https://discord.gg/RwnNdR9 for Comms.
  5. Fellow pilots! If you are looking to join a squadron, we are recruiting! Joint Task Force Heavy [HVY] is comprised of 8 Squadrons (YES EIGHT), and designed to put you with pilots who stick to one airframe for our Squadron Missions. We are relaxed however, and do not have limitations of what you fly outside of our Squad Missions! Right now we are in the building phase, so things are very exciting for us. We would love for you to add to our community in the best way you can - and this goes for beginning level pilots, to the pro-level killers we all aspire to be. We are currently fly
  6. Greetings, fellow pilots. We at Joint Task Force Heavy [HVY], are looking for pilots of ALL air-frame types! Those of you who aspire to fly with a fun group and learn - and can find the middle ground between casual and serious simming, have found your new home. Please note that we have room for you, but you must be 18 years of age, and be English Proficient. We are structured to have all branches of service be relevant - So you can fly the plane you want to be assigned to, in a squadron that bases your billet on that factor. We do not have air-frame limitations - you'll be assigned ai
  7. New website! Come by and check out what HVY is all about! https://www.jointtaskforceheavy.org/about-hvy.html
  8. Just confirming that a re-bind has no ill effect? I’d rather just remap than dive into file editing. Thanks!
  9. MP is the most amazing aspect of this wonderful simulation. Please take our urgency seriously, as we have taken your product very seriously and would love for it to be used at its full potential. I am speaking on behalf of my own Squadron which is almost 25 people right now and is growing. I expect my Squadron will have 100 members or more by the end of this year. If my Squadron alone has these types of numbers and we are small, you should definitely look at the bigger picture and know that there are many, many more squads out there who want to do nothing but multiplayer. Thank you!
  10. Hello all! If you're reading this, you may be interested in finding a suitable squadron for your DCS experience. [HVY]Squadron is growing in numbers with talented pilots from around the globe - and we are aiming to deliver a fun learning and combat ready environment. [HVY] is a semi-serious squadron and is ready to train willing, mature pilots who want to gain the best experience from this simulator. We are looking for pilot of ALL US airframes, and if you are an active virtual pilot, we look forward to hearing from you! NOTE: We use Simple Radio Standalone (SRS) to further immerse
  11. We are calling on pilots of all types of aircraft and helicopters to join our ranks, so we will have more pilots to fly with regularly! Join us in Discord and have fun. We have big plans to do squad videos, get a new site, and much much more!
  12. Some of our pilots have MANY modules. We need helicopter pilots, so join us if you'd like. I'll line you up in a brand new division just to get it going! (Fact: I'm dying to get the Huey myself)
  13. So far we haven't started a WW2 branch. Think it may have to happen! We started as an IL-2 Sturmovik squad after all...
  14. Hey gents! We are laid back and don't mind if you take leave for real life stuff. We are definitely here to have fun, and making sure that your real life affairs are in order are priority number one.
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