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  1. Excellent! Looking forward to the release :)
  2. Point track is working. It does so only on moving targets and inside 20nm though and it´s missing the underline beneath PT.
  3. Vfa-81 Fix

    I'm wrong or

    Put a Marsden Mat FARP at a Road and you´re done. Can roll on even with full fuel and 2 tanks, rearm to your liking and roll off, then use the road as runway. No support Vehicles needed and only a single tile to align.
  4. Vfa-81 Fix


    There is hope though! Hope that all the Cry Babies learnt their lesson and will not buy the F-15E once it is available. Hope that consequently they´ll stay clear of the then to be F-15E Sub Forum. Hope that we won´t get a new set of CB´s. And finally, hope that we´ll have a much happier place then. Back on topic: I had so hoped (see, there is hope everywhere) to fly the F-15E by March or April and I´m good for a F-16 style release. Maybe RAZBAM would consider a limited run "Fanboy Super-Early-Access" Release.
  5. I wish we had a "Wishlist" Sub-Forum like in the F-16/ Hornet Section. If we did, I would wish for the "Resolved Bugs" and the "Public Bug Tracker" to be removed. Don´t know if they ever did server their purpose, but for sure they don´t right now and thus should go away. Think about it RAZBAM.
  6. Works just fine here with the WH pretty much spot on, just tested. @Tanö This topic did come up before and if you manage to get not only the same angle, but also the same focal lenght you´ll notice that the difference is only marginal. And it does not affect Hover performance in any way whatsoever.
  7. At least in part the CAS page will be usable/ populated with the introduction of JDAMs. It remains to be seen if this can be used for other weapons/ deliveries and if other players will be able to populate your CAS page.
  8. It´s so subtle, it can only be seen by those who know where it is. ;)
  9. I´m more concerned about the gun reticle being above the FPM.
  10. August 2019. https://www.dvidshub.net/image/5700194/340th-ears-conducts-aerial-refueling-operations
  11. We did this years ago in the A-10 with good effect. And we could even use the computer to do it, no skill was needed.
  12. Not for a Jedi. Each update makes it harder and harder to find something to complain about. Now it´s Friction and Buttons. Next is Fuses and Oxygen. Finally Air Condition and Restrainers.
  13. Looked at and can confirm both AFC as well as Altitude Hold work as advertised - no problems at all.
  14. Real life is of no concern for many DCS Pilots.
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