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  1. Can you get Ka 50 cockpit and tiger model???
  2. Dont have cockpit view, puted a copy of the Bin of the Ka-50 in the Tiger. Pls fix
  3. I have been playing with skins and didnt do backup for "Croatia - 1st FS 1992" description.lua file can someone send me that file pls, also how can I install this skin https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2829132/
  4. Can you replace SU-27 and place Rafale on Ultimate Argument and Fortress Mozdok campaigns??
  5. What is the meteor range in this mod? When I play its not 100km is that OK or Im missing something?
  6. Can you post download link for new version I cant put any weapons in ediot
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