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  1. Kann sein, dass das in der Praxis kein Unterschied macht, bin nur durch den Typen im Video auf die "Problematik" gestoßen. Aber mit dem Klicken klappt das bei mir ganz gut. 1 Klick runter und danach 1 Klick hoch = Ausgangslage fertig. Das mit dem "exakt" lange gedrückt halten stimmt natürlich, aber durch das Klicken bleibt halt ein Feedback und der Rest (die Nano-Millisekunden ist Kleinmalerei) aber kann sein, dass das mit der Achse dann auch einfach Gefühl ist und schon passt. Habe bisher noch nicht per Achse getrimmt und dementsprechend hier noch keine Erfahrungswerte. Naja wie du
  2. Actualy it´s a german subforum but thx for reply anyway. If i undertand you correct, you suggest me the MCG pro "Ultimate" Edition!? Its nice stick i think but cost +130€ Compared to the MCG Pro. I dont think i will go for that price. Also wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe nutzt du den Warthog lieber als den Virpil Alpha? Und zum Thema Unterschied wie Tang und Nacht... der Virpil ist leichtgängiger!? Also beim Warthog habe ich das Problem, dass dieser keinen Adapter für eine "Z" Achse bietet soweit ich weiß. Daher kommt der für mich nicht in Frage.
  3. Hallo ich möchte mir ein neuen Joystick zulegen, nur bin ich noch unentschlossen welchen ich mir kaufe. Es wird wohl aber einer von den beiden. VPC Constellation ALPHA-R (Virpil) oder Gunfighter Mk.III ‘Modern Combat Edition’ (VKB) Hat da jemand Erfahrung mit den Dingern? Ich weiß es gibt schon einiges dazu im Internet zu lesen und schlecht soll keiner von den beiden sein, aber ich möchte hier trotzdem nochmal nachfragen und gern ein paar Meinungen einholen. Vom Design und der Tastenanordnung gefällt mir der VKB etwas besser, aber das Mausr
  4. Alright ,after some more research and watching reviews on youtube i now i see the difference between the VKB Mk III "normal/pro" and the "ultimate". Still not sure if i could replace a switch on the Mk III "non ultimate" if i get some. Anyway my favorites are now 2 or 3. 2: VPC Constellation ALPHA-R + VPC WarBRD Base (380€) or 3: Gunfighter Mk.III ‘Modern Combat Edition’ + Gunfighter Tabletop + Built in Twist-Adapter (434€) As the VKB (3) is plastic i am not for sure if this could become a little thing here.. For long
  5. @MattCri You are right and it has been write down here already few times. This has nothing to do with this clouds (or at least almost). I dont know why people still think its only the clouds. Like someone write already, it is the maybe more the lightning or whatever they "messed up" with 2.7. You can see on the screens the light and shadow is difference and i have same experience with that. (shadows was more "dark/powerfull" !?) Not sure what looks more natural or better (maybe personal preference), but for me it looked actualy better with the shadow on 2.5 (not only
  6. Hello first of all sry if my eng is not all the way correct. So, i am thinking about to buy a new Joystick. I know there are already informations about that in the internet, but i would like to ask myself here to get some help from people who have this sticks already used. First i want to say when i have buy my "x52Pro" i had also orderd the "Thrustmaster Warthog", but i have send it back as it was too "hard" to move for me in the small movements from the center position (it just feel to stiff for me) and i like to have some more "easy" going stick from the center.
  7. HI im new to the f16. are there any news to this topic? Is it possible now to add members to the flight on multiplayer now? When i join on a Multiplayer Server with a buddy and he fly F14 and me F16, can i add him as Flight member to see him "blue" on the datalink?
  8. Yes would be better maybe.. i just did not have found it. Maybe some moderator can move this topc there, so i dont have to double post
  9. Since the patch today Wings on the J11-A are not visible anymore for me. Only in F1 view not visible. F2 view is ok. DCS Open Beta
  10. I asked there already... but thats not the point. And hello i can complain where i want, or ist it a crime or against rules here? Problem would be still Performance on Singleplayer. But i guess now you say then play Singleplayer Stable?.. You serious dont understand the point. What is when this Beta status become Stable? Should i dont upgrade this game anymore or what? You must be joking. What with newer weapon systems for payed Modules (all not possible anymore to get)? Pls think to the end, thx. "Can people having massive FPS drops check if KB5001330 was in
  11. Because Server like Growling Sidewinder host on Beta. @BIGNEWY again no hardware info from that feedback. If they run high end rig ofc it could be better, specially as it seems ED optimized more the "new" high end hardware Anyway i hope you get it optimized, thx. Still enough have problems. BTW: New clean install win 10 doesnt helped for me, still same like before. Stable= smooth and Beta= -30% Performance So im done. I can´t do anymore, it is in your hand now. 6700k 4.0 ghz, GTX 1060 6gb, 32gb ram 3000mhz
  12. Actualy i gived up already, but indeed i have installed that "KB5001330" update. Unfortunatly i can not uninstall it, not with any way i found on www.. So i will give it a last try and make a new clean win 10 install. Last chance, but i doubt it will bring anything as i still dont have problems in stable version! But what does the stable version brings me when all full Multplayer PvP servers like Grownling Sidewinders go Beta.... Damn 2.7.. well done ED I will tell tomorrow how it goes with clean windows.......
  13. Alright have done some quick settings tested on nvidia, but again no change. To be honest after all this test´s i have done now (and i did all.. even i was sure it will bring nothing) i am tired of keep trying. From start on i said its probably not on my/our end and i dont see why someelse tests could help. Re-install, settings in game and nvidia, drivers. all done. But indeed its curious that some people get their performance from 2.5.6 back with this nvidia stuff and so on. But i give up. It is ED´s turn now. Btw Clouds difference between low and ultra fo
  14. @applesinduckIm confused as my eng not the best. So basicly step 1-4 is not relevant on your post as it not helped? DCS unistall and NEW CLEAN install was the fix? Happy it helped for you. I have done it too. No change for me
  15. What is "big" performance increase for you? I have try that too.. and Indeed it bring "few" fps. For me its like 2-4 fps gain this is not big in my eyes. MSAA was already off in 2.5.6 for me! And again, thats not the point here. You have to compare SAME settings as people had before 2.5.7 update. With new effects in a update i can live with a little performance drop. But not like 30% drop with SAME settings. That is the point and should be understandable. So it goes not about to drop all settings now to gain performance again. ED say GTX 1070 for HIGH settings.
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