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  1. Yes, because the "tweak" was just to make the HOF from 500ft to 1500ft which means the methods that worked prior to this patch (low, level and fast) don't work anymore. Someone will likely figure out the optimal way to use them with this new limitation, but I think I'm going to pass on these bad boys until we have the ability to change the value ourselves.
  2. Uhh so hey I went and did that flight earlier. It's also quite possible that me being the imbecile I am, instead of setting the COMM 1 and COMM 2 Mode Knobs to squelch at startup, turned the intercom down to zero. You can now close this terrible miscarriage of a bug report, sorry. To make it up to you though, I'll show you how to hover with your F16 when you get into a spin tomorrow.
  3. I'm sorry that you felt that my comment above was insulting and abusive. I just did a smol flight in SP starting in the air and I did in fact have Betty audibly cautioning me against flying into a mountain. Previously I had only done cold starts in MP. Perhaps it is a switch I had missed? Or perhaps it's still in development. Anyway, I don't mind flying a track for you tomorrow.
  4. [REPORTED] No missile tones with AIM9X Hi, there's already a thread about not hearing any RWR audio, but I'm additionally not hearing any missile tones when using the AIM9X. MSL Tone Knob is maxed by default. I also don't own the Hornet. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug as well? Sorry if this has been reported already, I went through the pages and didn't see anything. ... And I figured I should also mention that I can't hear the altitude warnings either, when the big X's are flashing on the screens.
  5. Hi. A week ago I finally pulled the trigger on a new GPU. Went from a five year old HD 7950 to a GTX 1660Ti. Only to find out that in MP, my fps is actually worse. Because only 35-40% of the card is used. In SP the card is maxed out and I get 180 FPS. In MP I only get about 50-55 in the air. Which is worse than my previous card. i5-6500 - CPU usage is the same in SP and MP 16GB of RAM 1660Ti - 6GB of VRAM on the card, double the VRAM of the old card Installed on a WD M.2 drive NVIDIA driver: 419.35 Windows 10 Pro 1809 (17763.379) DCS version: Can anyone explain
  6. Wasn't the 3.5GB VRAM on the 970 a bit of a scam, and ended up being like 3GB in effect? Cuz I got a HD 7950 with 3GB of VRAM as well. I managed to fly about an hour without a crash on GaW today, but there were only about 10 people on. Curiously enough, my cockpit textures load in as fast as they do with your 2060. Also, I haven't noticed general performance being any different from any other aircraft, with the notable exception of the Jester menu, which makes me lose about 10 fps the first couple of times I open it.
  7. I'm so disappointed. The high load times I don't care about... But apparently I straight up cannot play on MP. 5 minutes in, or 15 minutes in the game just crashes, runs out of memory. I thought 16GB would be enough, especially in 1080p and mostly low settings. Welp. 70 euros well spent.
  8. Same for me. Doesn't matter if the mission is "heavy" like the GaW server or a simple SP mission with just me and the carrier. Upon selecting the F-14 the game freezes for roughly a minute, after which I'm placed in the cockpit. Never had this behaviour before with any other plane I own; Mirage, Harrier, Mig21, F-5, A10C. 16GB for me as well, and an NVME m.2 drive. Not awful but kinda annoying.
  9. And when are we going to get specific lists of what is missing on both airplanes? I feel like I need to promise that I'm not "trolling", in case you want to delete a legitimate quesiton again. It's been ~55 days since you said that such lists were in the works and since they have not appeared, contrary to what was indicated, I feel like we deserve an update. Maybe you have lately answered my question, and I simply do not know about it. In that case I'm sorry, but could you fill me in anyway?
  10. Well that would mean working towards making the aircraft feature complete, so guess yourself whether its planned or not. And of course we don't know whats planned because we don't have the missing feature list.
  11. Update one thing break another thing. And do no testing so the updated thing is broken as well. Classic.
  12. I had Betty still screaming PULL UP PULL UP at 20000 feet 40 degree climb angle yesterday, not sure if related
  13. Yeah the displays are still the same. You need to turn the Betty volume up, it's a knob on the right, same one that controls AGM-122 volume. And I'm not sure about the lighting.
  14. beautiful textures! even got a little poop on the seat there from that mig 28 intercept. very nice.
  15. Write a short explanation. - The DESG (Steer to Point Designation) feature of the EHSD can be used with AGM-65G's to produce a "Low Orbit Maverick Cannon" bug, where the uncaged maverick targeting symbolism is overlayed on the map, as seen in the picture. This results in the Mavericks being inoperable (There is a workaround). This was my attempt to reproduce the bug after encountering it in MP last night. Save a track file, if possible. - Dropbox link to track file State what were your actions at the time the bug appeared (i.e. "I was firing rockets."). 1) Start from parking hot. Edit WP1
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