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  1. Lol, not meaning 8 G’s isn’t much but doesn’t take several maneuvers to get there.
  2. So in the DCS world, not much to get warmed up. Good to know, Thanks Sandman
  3. So from a real life perspective and what is modeled in DCS, what does a pilot do for a proper G warmup? At what point in a combat mission would you do this? Just curious, I’ll start incorporating it into my flying.
  4. Thought I was losing my mind over here. I hope they fix this in the next couple of days, this isn't cool at all! What I don't understand is why isn't everyone running OpenBeta not seeing this??????
  5. Thought it was just me but a updated video would be great.
  6. Did you program them with the board software. Had the same headache as well till I downloaded the software from his website under the BBI 32 section. Once downloaded, select the board number from down menu then you will see all the switch slots. Select “1-2” in each slot that you have an encoder and it should work!
  7. @ Cuco: The only thing I’ve read on the net is airliners do it to save fuel during startup since you have the APU running along with a hot engine already up. Some argue the APU uses less fuel than using the hot engine to crossbleed. Think I may try to see the burn rate difference between the two processes, I was just curious more than anything about the topic. There may be some emergency type of reasons as well to crossbleed. Well...........in RL, maybe a compressor stall on left engine, then you had hit the APU and it doesn’t fire up! Then you have the crossbleed option.
  8. Yes, tried it after I landed and never touched the APU switch.
  9. My real time around Hornets, MERS on Hornets were only used for MK-76’s, MK-58’s and LGTR’s. You can pull up all the internet pics you like but I never ever saw Hornets load a MER with full scale Mk-82’s, MK-83’s etc. A-6’s in my wing used them religiously.
  10. So I was just curious how to cross bleed to start an engine last night and figured it out. Really very simple, first get the hot engine rpm to at least 73%, select crank left or right engine depending on which you are trying to start. You will see the rpm creep up on the cold engine, it may stop at a low rpm so just bump up the throttle a little on the hot engine. At this point you will see the rpm on the cold engine climb up and once at 25%, move throttle detent on the cold engine and watch her fire up. FYI: The Hornet will dump fuel on deck, found out the hard way when I hit the wrong swi
  11. Disregard guys, figured it out.
  12. Hello All I've recently purchased a Warthog and was able to setup the axis on the stick and throttle but the buttons are not recognized in the sim or in windows control devices. I'm trying to map to the F-18 module. I thought the buttons would have at least been recognized in the game controller properties. Any suggestions? Thanks
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