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  1. I've had issues with getting TacView to work & none of the quick fixes seemed to have worked. But as it happened, it was SRS that messed up my Export.lua file. To fix my recording issue I simply copied the export.lua file from :\Program Files (x86)\Tacview\DCS\Scripts and pasted it to :\Users\YourUsername\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\scripts I hope this helps. Infiltrator
  2. I've heard people say that the SuperCarrier should have been offered as a 'free' update. You know, get thousands of man hours coding and bug testing for "free". Maybe these people would rather travel to Russia to give out food parcels to ED's devs so they can feed their families and run generators at ED's offices to keep the light on. The salty tsunami of lemons all sucking on the same acidic bitterness was inevitable because they don't understand the complexity of DCS Worlds' development. If all the lemons spent a day at ED and observed the development of the SuperCarrier and its challeng
  3. I find the KA-50 flies weird if my collective, rudder and cyclic axis are bound together.
  4. When the sun's behind the KA-50 the glare it can produce on the Abris is absolutely unbearable! I know a little about dynamic lighting, but how sunlight is able to somehow penetrate through the cockpit is a tad little unrealistic, just as how the dust is able to penetrate the footwell when taking off/landing. This really does need to be fixed, because it makes locating and locking onto targets impossible. No FLIR to see at night and blinding glare in daytime :hmm:
  5. I've flown the Hornet for a couple of years now, and although I've in that time bought both the Huey and Gazzelle, I haven't flown either, but since I bought the KA-50 I haven't put it down. In fact, I've removed the detent from my Warthog knowing I'll be flying the Black Shark for a while yet. Until the SuperCarrier comes out of course. But yeah, the KA-50 is a blast to fly and challenging to learn.
  6. I hope they finish the module with this update. When creating a VoiceAttack profile I soon realised how badly implemented some of the controls are. Some default keybinds are duplicated and conflict, whilst the Datalink SA-TLF switch isn't even listed in the keybinds! Good job it is clickable! I'm guessing ED may have ran out of keybind combinations?
  7. I recently enabled rudder trim in the options and set it to center. However, I soon noticed the cyclic wouldn't randomly become unresponsive often refusing to respond and sending me crashing onto the ground. Is this a known bug? Also, is rudder trim implemented in the real world? Cheers Inf
  8. TBH, I don't care if certain functions aren't simulated as long as their functions are behind the scenes and have no visual representation of an animation other than the switch being physically moved. Every control - albeit simulated or not - should be clickable, regardless if it's functional or not. If it doesn't move like it should in real life then it breaks the immersion. That's the bare bone of it.
  9. For me the Hornet's attack radar is totally broken. It's frustrating as hell then you can't lock an enemy jet up when you have the element of surprise. For nowe I've given up with the Hornet because of the radar.
  10. Yep, it irritates the hell out of me when there's a switch and it doesn't do anything. It's like an FC3 aircraft. If I'd known the KA-50 had so many unclickable controls I wouldn't have purchased it because it just irritates me.
  11. The devs could attach a hint with the description of what the switch is for and a bracketed "(NS)" not simulated. The KA-50's cockpit is otherwise part high fidelity part FC3. The devs could also add a small 'dud' sound to the action of an unsimulated switch/control to give an audio idication it's not simulated. That would clear up any confusion. How many people hover their mouse pointer of an unsimulated switch/control believing it's simulated and the lack of action is either a bug or their pointer isn't placed over the control correctly :unsure:
  12. Is it a bug or is there a lot of unclickable switches? Even if the control isn't implemented it would be nice if the switch, button was clickable.
  13. Yeah my thoughts exactly. I've read the center plate also needs to be shortened. I think it'd be an idea if Arozzi sold a plate kit specifically to work thrustmaster and Saitek HOTAS' and pedals. But then I have my Slaw RX Viper pedals which are pretty niche, so it begs the question if Arozzi would design a pedal plate to accomodate the Slaw pedals. What I particularly like about the Arozzi stand is its feature that allows you to attach your office chair. That of course prevents your chair from being pushed back when you depress the pedals.
  14. I'm very interested in the racing simulation stand. Although I'm unsure if it'll be suitable for flight simulation. I'm wondering if I'll be able to mount my Warthog and Slaw RX Viper pedals to the mounts. Has anyone else had any experience with this simulation stand? https://arozzi.com/product/velocita/
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