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  1. Just discovered (after many months of frustration) that if using CTS with IL2 BOS, the controller doesn't work (Throttle is fine) if Microsoft Edge is running in the background. Maybe just my PC setup, but pleased I found it.
  2. I use CTS for DCS, IL2 and Elite. But your suggestion re separating IL2 & Elite seems the most logical if you are running into coding limits. It means I will need 2 x CTS installations, but tbh its just a Folder full of files that can be copied and shortcuts updated, no big issue.
  3. CTD on F14 when selecting Jester, Radio, TAC, USS George Washington. Multiplayer server Will reload and try again.
  4. OK, fixed it thanks to your help & recommendations. It was USB power I think. Both the USB Hub/Switch and the 2 MFDs were all connected into the same internal PCIe USB Card. I have now plugged the USB Hub into an onboard USB slot and its all fine. PCIe card mustn't have had enough power. Thanks again all.:)
  5. Hi all, many thanks for your replies. The MFDs are connected to an internal USB card, only the headset is connected to the powered USB HUB. But i'll try connecting the USB headset to an internal USB slot also and see how that goes. Please keep any suggestions coming :)
  6. Hi, strange issue but I just can't work it out. Any suggestions welcome. I have DCS + TM Hotas WH + Trackir + 2 Thrustmaster MFDs. All work fine, if I use external speakers. At night however (to keep quiet) I need to use my USB Headphones (Turtle Beach Stealth 700). USB headphones work fine (they are through a USB switch-box, so I can also use them with my PS4). It all works perfectly well. However, as soon as I switch on my Turtle Beach USB Headphones the 2 MFDs stop working. Pressing any button on the MFDs doesn't work in the sim. All the lights are on. If I disable the USB Headset
  7. Perfect, I think that's the answer to my question :) Time to re-read the manuals again
  8. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, any help really appreciated. I have wing sweep buttons configured for Up - wings forward Down - wings down Left - Auto Right - Bomb I have checked the button config and it all looks good within DCS. In the config menu when I click Right on the hat it jumps to 'WINGS - BOMB Mode' However, when I click Right in flight or on the ground, it goes to 'MAN' wings. I can't get the wings to go to 'BOMB'. The auto, up and down are all working fine. Wings are moving. Flaps aren't blocking wing movement. I've tried at slow and fast speed, with or witho
  9. Hi, as a busy dad I would be very keen to join. Jersey, Channel Islands, UK, other side of the pond. I have AV8B (Favourite), F14, F18, F5 and try to fly for at least 1 hour every evening (7PM GMT), a lot more flexibility on Friday & Saturday evening. I also use Trackir, I have DCS working with SRS (for Hoggit Training), Discord and my most recent enjoyment (much to the wife's questioning looks) is the Hotas Warthog. PC is i7-8700, 32gb RAM, GTX 1080Ti.
  10. RIP, very sad news indeed. It would be great if we could all fly together in memory :(
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