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  1. The reflection also stutters and lags sometimes around, at least in VR.
  2. The Option is copied over to the normal settings, seems the VR option just left there without function. Option in the standard settings tab works like before.
  3. As a workaround for the other skins with those strange gloss you can change to the matte spec file named specm livery = { {"mi_8_tex1", 0 ,"mi_8_tex_1_rus",false}; {"mi_8_tex1", 2 ,"mi_8_tex_1_specm",true}; {"mi_8_tex2", 0 ,"mi_8_tex_2_rus",false}; {"mi_8_tex2", 2 ,"mi_8_tex_2_specm",true}; ........
  4. The Aeroflot skins description file points to the main folder and is not using the custom one in the skin folder itself livery = { {"mi_8_tex1", 0 ,"mi_8_tex_1_rus",false}; {"mi_8_tex1", 2 ,"mi_8_tex_1_spec",true}; {"mi_8_tex2", 0 ,"mi_8_tex_2_rus",false}; {"mi_8_tex2", 2 ,"mi_8_tex_2_spec",true}; ........ should be changed to livery = { {"mi_8_tex1", 0 ,"mi_8_tex_1_rus",false}; {"mi_8_tex1", 2 ,"mi_8_tex_1_spec",false}; {"mi_8_tex2", 0 ,"mi_8_tex_2_rus",false}; {"mi_8_tex2", 2 ,"mi_8_tex_2_spec",false}; ......
  5. Still cant get it to work, My settings, tried different ones also. on mission start and Arborn i push the Radio button on hotas, comm menu is showing up and vaicom is working. After some time only vaicom works but no onscreen comms open. when i map a Key button to DCS radio button comm menu opens again but only on keyboard and not on hotas
  6. Some furt testing, nearly never happen in Multiplayer only SP and as said before :(
  7. When i play Singleplayer nearly in every mission the DCS comms menu refused to show up at some point. At the begining it show all options even in the air ("/"and radio transmit Button are working both to show the recipend) but it some point it regret to work. When i go to Preferences in the Vaicom Pro options, select and unselect "Disable Menus" it will pop up once. Most time happening in missions with custom F10 options but in others too. Tried different combinations of "ïmport F10 menu" "disable Menus" "allow Options" always same result.
  8. I only used tamiya Panel line followed by semi gloss varnish and just oil paints in white, black and burned Umbra
  9. Nearly finished, better pics will come wen every thing is done
  10. CPU is Ryzen 5 2600@ 4,15ghz Ram 32gb@3,2ghz, using Rift S No mater wich settings(PD, ASW, Game settings, MSAA....) i chose my 2080ti stays at 1300-1500mhz, OC is normally at 2xxx mhz. CPU Frame times are lower then GPU frame times. VR FPS staying around 15-40 FPS depending on graphic setting etc. but more on lower end General Workarounds like Nvidias settings are done but 2080ti stays in idle, in other games there are no problems like 80fps in Control fit RTX full rtc. Edit: if only setting too 2D without other changes, 2080ti ramps up and likely to double almost tripple the F
  11. Just after washing and decals, Eduard Avia S99 limited 1/48
  12. I just finished Mission right now, i used mostly my cal. 50 for the Tanks and Cars. Version It worked very well, tanks needed a bit more hits. Got everything in my first try.
  13. Make sure you set the correkt modifier under the modifiers sektion. It should be button 30, 31 and 32 from the thrustmater combined device
  14. Edit: every warbird and every Helicopter and AWACS and Combined arms no getting again in the switching state after selecting them trough the state or on profile start. direkt X is working, also all blue and red jets(-Mig15). loading the profile is working for ever module so far.
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