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  1. My money would be on the J35J Draken and F-4J Phantom II, but my heart still hopes for an F-14D Super Tomcat :')
  2. Geez Ugra, you guys are knocking it out of the park with Syria
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/m53iwg/soon/gr0m69s?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  4. Is there a cosmetic difference between a TRAM and SWIP, both externally and in the cockpit? Couldn't you fly a SWIP without the modern weapons and basically make it a TRAM? Legit question, I don't know very much about the Intruder.
  5. When ED announced they weren't developing the Phantom and maybe a 3rd party dev could do it, I honestly thought that's what HB would announce next. But I won't let my heart stop hoping for a more super-version of an existing module, which shall not be named.
  6. I made a bet with a friend on what the next HB module would be. I guess now I'm buying 2 of these.
  7. Ha, now I'm excited to play the campaign and see if I recognize her too!
  8. I support this (if for no other reason) in order to get more of the Sierra Nevada modeled
  9. SPOILERS FOR MISSION 3 After completing the CAP portion of the mission at FL240, I received the clearance to RTB. Turning back toward the carrier TACAN, I think I triggered the "Mi-8 BRAA 065 etc.....go VID it" script for a second time. I happily flew off in that direction and searched half of the Black Sea until I ran out of fuel. Looking at the Tacview file afterwards, I found out that there indeed were no additional helicopters in my AO.
  10. Give me an F-104 with the full ZELL system and I'd buy it on Day 1.
  11. Wow, I started this post over 2 years ago. It's still going? ...and can I delete it? lol
  12. Are you referring to this?
  13. I've been wondering the same. They posted a screenshot of the new (old) RWR on 21 September to Facebook, but that's all I've seen.
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