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  1. 20 cinema tickets = 40 hours of entertainment if you are lucky 5 games on steam = 750 hours of entertainment if you are lucky 10 restaurant visits = 20 hours of entertainment if you are lucky 200 1 dollar bill tossing = maybe 10 hours in 5 years i don't know doesn't sound like too much fun for me i paid around 200$ for blackshark(+upgrades), 2 maps and a couple campaigns. Iam way beyond my 2000 hours of entertainment sofar. Mig-29 for 80 bucks and i see another 3-4000 hours of coming fun and entertainment without dipping into multiplayer at all.
  2. I owned a x52 and when my throttle broke inside, i was on a budget and found a returned thrustmaster FCS set on amazon for around 130€. The t16000m is a good precise stick but it lacks a lot of buttons. The twcs throttle is really good for a single axis throttle, its a rail design and with the impulse slider mod its unbeatable in its price range. The rudder pedals are rudder pedals, quite narrow but they do the job. If you are on a budget and want to stay around 300$, i would go for a vkb gladiator nxt and the thrustmaster twcs throttle with slider mod, which is around another 25$.
  3. I don't own the warthog, never have and never will, because i cannot live without ffb. In terms of buttons on the stick alone the vkb has more than the warthog, precision will be the same maybe even better because of a better gimbal design on the vkb. A lot of it depends on personal preference i think. But a lot of people are praising the gladiator on youtube.
  4. I own the impulse slider mod but haven't got the time to test it quite much (around 10 hours for now) but it is sooooo much better than the stock slider. My slider had a little bit of wobble around the middle section where the grip connects to the slider, or it was even the whole slider i don't know for sure. But i always had to slightly push it to the left and down to get somewhat of a smooth motion out of it. With the impulse slider all of the issues are just gone. Doing small adjustments on the throttle is a piece of cake compared to the original one. I even use nyogel with it because i lik
  5. I own a trackhat wireless clip and a delanclip wireless and i can only recommend the delanclip because one charge of it lasts at least 2 times, when not even 3 times, as long as the trackhat clip. If you look for an alternative to trackir i recommend the delanclip. https://delanengineering.com/
  6. I personally would love some different asset packs, but in a combination with campaigns and missions for singleplayer and maybe multiplayer. Like someone suggested do some persian gulf or syria assets with all the right skins and get a campaign developer on board that you could sell your asset pack with maybe one campaign and some future campaigns of the same developer which would require the asset pack. Since i play mostly singleplayer and don't have much time to dive into the editor and set my own scenarios up, i completely rely on the user made content and dlc campaigns. For eve
  7. Thats right but vkb is releasing a bunch of addons with throttle quadrants and more stuff you can add directly to the joystick.
  8. The only thing which is better in that price range is the gladiator nxt from vkb. The 16000 is a solid piece of hardware. The only really negative aspect of it is the lack of buttons on the stick itself. You just get the Trigger, a pov hat and 3 additional buttons. From the precision its the same as the warthog.
  9. Since Falklands is a 3rd party map and ED mostly just teases their own inhouse stuff, my tip is its the upcoming new free map mariana islands. I will for sure buy that apache since its another helicopter, but i really hoped that the mystery module would have been a redfor plane or another cold war bird.
  10. You have to select the displaced neutral trimming option in the special tab menu from the f5.
  11. Just my opinion, if you can afford it get both. Huey and the mi-8, if you can only afford one module, you have to think a bit into the future. The mi-24 will drop in the near future and if you are a fan of the hind and want to fly her into action, you should get the mi-8 as a starting basis since a lot of stuff should be similar. If you have a lot of time and can wait for the announced Cobra which maybe arrive in the next 2-3 years, you should get the huey. Both are really nice to fly, while i personally find the mi-8 harder to land than the huey, but i have much more flight hours in the huey.
  12. Sorry i sometimes forget if you don't put up a smiley or emoji people don't get jokes. There is no aircraft in the forum header just clouds and terrain.
  13. Oh shit they drop all flightmodel physics for digital cloud simulator?!?!
  14. While i was looking at a couple of options to maybe replace my twcs throttle, i stumbled across this mod. I already ordered one and will report back as soon as it is installed and tested for a bit. I'll leave a video and a link to the shop for the mod. I found this video Here is another one from the seller and developer and the link to the shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/885326705/impulse-slider-thrustmaster-t16000m?ref=shop_home_feat_1&bes=1 Maybe this one helps a couple of people since it's cheap for the result y
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