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  1. Maybe one day, I'll also receive the answer for my emails to Nicholas. :P
  2. There are also some spelling issues. I would wait for the RC2, but I don't know when Heatblur is going to release it.
  3. Very unique and well made aircraft. I love it.
  4. Since the F-110-GE-400 engine is developed, it is known who (hopefully) will be doing F-16 module (it uses the engine from the same family), isn't it? ;)
  5. Thank you for the manual. I'll be reading it during my holidays. :)
  6. I suppose so and I don't want you feel under the pressure. In the next week I'll be on my holidays, so there is no need to send it ASAP. You can do it at the end of the month, for example.
  7. Bad news are better than nothing, so thank you anyway. I hope that the patch will definitely resolve the issue.
  8. I sent the e-mail to you on Monday. Since then, no package was received. I also checked on the local post office whether or not there is any waiting for me. Did you have time to look on my case (I suppose that the issue with the crashes of the game was more important)?
  9. Sounds good. Do you have any information about deliveries in Poland?
  10. I have got the problems too. Usually, after the landing. Before the recent update I had no such issues.
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