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  1. No I didn't notice any exploding of the Wingman, the only exploding was the F-5 on the ramp (video timestamp is 1:12:03). Reviewing the tacview, he didn't 'switch himself' like he usually does in the past with a new unit though, maybe related? Something else I noticed that may or may not be related is during the practice missions with airstarts, a few times I'd get a KIO call when there is still very much an alive hostile. To be fair, it does seem like they disengage and it doesn't seem like a bug (maybe hard deck violation by ai?) but maybe that contributed to getting wires crossed with Bozo_
  2. Had some issues myself with Hop 5. Bozo_, I think the targeting has to do with them being so low, he isn't actually picking them up on radar. You can work around this by either have him aim the radar lower, or in the STT menu select lock specific target, and choosing the D/L contacts should result in an STT. Not ideal, but I think that is more Jester than the campaign. Bugs/Problems 1. Next flight almost runs into you: On the egress, similar to on hop 3 there is a 2-ship flight inbound to the range that comes dangerously close to you if you are following the waypoints
  3. Low impact but I wanted to share issues encountered in this mission, should be easy enough to validate and fix without a trackfile. This is a pretty fun instant action, but could use a polish pass :) Loadout: you spawn with 9 aim-120cs, assuming this is meant to be 10 as 9 isn't going for realism (could be wrong), this creates an asymmetrical loadout from the start Mig 29/E2: Recommend either moving the E2 or making it invisible, when the Mig-29 spawns in it makes a beeline for and shoots down the AWACS, again assuming this isn't intended as the mission is called gauntlet
  4. Alright, so I haven't had any crashes and played a good bit over the weekend. I will say that the F-14 in Syria, at least for the mission we were playing (liberation) was basically unplayable. I got into an F-18 and also an A-10 and everything was fine. The Tomcat, gives me like 5-13fps with that Desktop Window Manager process going crazy. So ya, I'm fairly confident, at least for me that the GPU scheduling feature and DCS = poopstorm for SteamVR. Now it's just back to regular hit or miss VR performance.
  5. I did two things which I believe had an impact. 1) I've only had one crash since I disabled the GPU Scheduling which is a huge improvement 2) Disabled the let windows adjust scaling to improve blurry text. At least anecdotally it seems this cut down runaway GPU usage with the Desktop Window Manager process which was another big problem. Since the patch, I've only flown on NTTR, actually the Viggen Red Flag campaign which is fairly busy and it ran decently. I should do a liberation mission with some people this weekend and will report if there are any major problems. I will also say that uns
  6. OK, I've been having good luck. While I'm not ready to say it's for sure a fix it's good enough that I thought I'd add it here to let some others having the issue test along with me. In windows, hit your Windows Graphic Settings (Windows key an type Graphics as a shortcut), turn off "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" and restart. I've not had a crash since I've done this, although performance seems notably worse. I've also ordered another 32gb of ram (giving me 64gb total) and will try it with and without the GPU scheduling option. If this turns out to be the root cause, my hope is th
  7. This happens to me as well, I kind of just chalk it up as DCS being DCS. Out of curiosity, when you switch to task manager do you have the GPU usage column enabled? If so, try organizing by that and see if Desktop Windows Manager is really high GPU usage. It's strange, but ya seemingly switching to task manager will clear it up after 5-30 seconds.
  8. Sure, in the interest of ruling things out, what are your thoughts on this. Since I couldn't get an older OB from the server, I DO have an older copy on my laptop still that is (well before the patches that caused it to act up for me). Would copying that to this computer and effectively running the same sort of steps (would have to be on PG) and in essence NOT getting the crash prove/rule out anything? To me that would show it's certainly code related in the sense of aggravating the driver/hw components your're speaking of, my suspicions are patches .52196 or .50726. I can be 90% c
  9. It's good (sort of) to see this as it's seemed like it's been a bit of just me and Pikey trying to figure this out lately and naturally turning the focus back to something specific I'm doing. It's not good in the sense you are having a problem, but good in the sense of validating I'm not crazy and there is in fact an issue that is hitting some people and not others. Of course, if you'd be so kind as to add a bit more detail it'd be helpful. Even if you kind of scroll through the last few pages and see what is being asked for in terms of, your system specs, VR HMD etc. There very well may b
  10. 1) It's a version of The Round Table by Mith.ar https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/3311949/. I modified it to suit my needs including the transplanted BFM arena. 2) This has been going on since June, so I've used every version since then and even tried flipping back to stable 3) My pd in DCS is 1.0, I never change it inside DCS 4) Like I said, the vanilla copy with the MSAA and 200% SS we were using for testing makes it pretty rough. There were probably instances during the videos I could have also avoided the crash by calming down the cycling, but since we were trying to crash it
  11. I think I'm doing a poor job, probably because I'm over-explaining. I would define powered blackness as the state of just loading into a game or something where the screen is black but still backlit. That isn't what is happening, to either the Rift S or the Index. For me, the screen turns OFF, totally off like in the state it's in when you pull it out of the box. The only indication there is still power to the device is the lights on the front. You have to effectively power cycle it to get it to display again. Same, I'm using that plugin. The one minor thing you aren't seeing in the v
  12. Alright I ran several more tests and crashes. Unfortunately, I’m at a 100% success rate here. There were times I tried some of the things mentioned before, like the most recent OpenVR API and also upping my page file. I know between this post and last it’s a lot, so I’m going to try to keep this brief and just answer any questions you have afterwards. Graphic settings never changed, I include an archive of all the relevant logs broken out by package – there are some redundancies here like the dxdiag and my settings so they can standalone with minimal effort. General observations: • Van
  13. edit: Cleaned up response to #1, corrected repsonse to #6 I'm going to try to respond inline to hopefully reduce clutter and (maybe there is a better way) fiddling with quote shortcodes. My response is in orange ----Begin response | Pikey text = Black, Stal2k = Orange 1) Is the problem defined as DCS 'crashing', or the HMD crashing? Or ... as might be the case, is DCS crashing because the WMR crashed, because that's normal and I can repro that by leaving it to sleep for long enough. Sorry to return to the problem statement but I was under the impression the fault was the HMD going "bl
  14. Sure I'll do it later today and let you know. Do you want the full video/logs I just did or would a simple yes / no to the crash suffice?
  15. @Pikey Here you go, all your steps were meticulously followed. I did get it to crash using those steps albeit it took longer then when hitting F2 multiple times, I was able to actually call the crash before it happened @6:37. One thing that does seem consistent amidst the chaos here is that going to a slot on the super carrier after you've effectively been somewhere else is consistently causing this between my original mission, this instance and when it happens to me during normal gameplay. Not saying it's the SC because it's happened in plenty of places where there wasn't a SC to be fo
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