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  1. I can't upload video on forum, this is link :https://youtu.be/tHImxquuB5s I hope you like this.
  2. [YOUTUBE]http:// [/YOUTUBE]
  5. Yes, i thinks. Because now work good
  6. ok sir. i found problem is server where i fly
  7. yes, i think can upload a track. and i'm sure both off
  8. i see this problem another one, one istant before i go i stall the rudder go tu right to recover airpalne
  9. I ceck my global settings and I'm in sim mode
  10. Hello, i see thet auto rudder and take off assistence is disabilitated but not real disabilited, if you go in out view you can see your rudder move to left or right when airplane needed. Sorry for my bad english
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