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  1. Oceanic Combat Group is currently taking applications for the May 2021 intake. G'day guys and girls, OCG is a fun and friendly group that focuses on real life training and the RAAF doctrine. We will teach you everything from airfield operations through to advanced dogfighting and BVR skills, and have a few laughs along the way. We meet every Wednesday night for a group meeting and training from 19:45 AEST. We require a reasonable level of commitment to training, and expect trainees to complete their 101 & 102 training within 4 months of joining. A
  2. I think I've stubled upon a bug. I've created a mission on the Syria map where I want a predator to draw fire from AAA without being shot down. I have a mixture of rapiers, ZSU-57s and 8.8cm Flak on the ground. If I leave the drone without an immortal setting, all the ground units will fire on it. If I put immortal(on), either as a waypoint action or a called action, the ZSUs stop firing at it. The rapiers and Flak still fire at it though.
  3. Hi, I'm a noob when it comes to scripting, but I've got Basman's script working well on an air race. I have 2 issues I'm hoping someone can help with. 1. If a player crashes, and respawns, they are still listed as being in the race area, and cannot reinitialise the start of the race. 2. I'm using comms towers, and if pilots crash into them, they can get destroyed. Is there a way to make all the comms towers immortal? TIA.
  4. Hey Bignewy, any update on when this might get a fix?
  5. Hey all, I've put a huey skin together, but for some reason my door gunner texture is missing. Can't find where it should be referencing.. Pilots are fine though
  6. Ok, I’ll try and create a video today showing how/where I get to the point where I can’t recover back to steerpoint mode for Mavs.
  7. I know it should. But it doesn’t. Hence the reason I’m reporting the bug.
  8. Firstly, thanks so much for taking the time to look into this! Yep, I'm good with setting up those mark point, have no issue there. However, when you say the mark point won't be the SPI as you cycle through, I think you can see that initially that's exactly what's happening, and should happen according to the videos I've watched. Once you've made mark points, you turn the CDU knob to "Mark", slave all to steerpoint, and you can then select HUD as SOI and use the fwd/aft DMS or the select rocker to move through the mark points, keeping them as SPI. My issue is that once the mav's
  9. Also, why has this been marked as no bug before anyone has even looked at the track file? I find that a bit weird?
  10. OK, so I managed to jump on DCS and produce a track. You'll see I can successfully create markpoints, cycle through them as SPI, but then if I have MAVs as SOI, and do TMSLA, then I get this random SPI generated, and the MAVs slew to it. Once that appears, I can't get the mark points to cycle as SPI again. I can do TMSLR to set the SPI to the last markpoint, but it won't cycle through the mark points any more as SPI. You can see them change colour, but nothing gets them to SPI. And If I try to do TMSLA again, it slaves back to the far off SPI. Also, there's a point where it jus
  11. Yep, no problem, I'll create a smaller track later. It seems to be when I've got the CDU selector set to Mark mode, then I'm doing something (I will try and determine exactly what) and it's screwing with the Mavs. Even if I turn back to mission or steer, I can't get the mavs to look at the steerpoints (using long aft TMS). I'll try and upload something in the next 12 hours as I'm at work right now.
  12. Thanks Fredurf, there’s a track attached to the first post. And Quigon, if you read my post you’ll see that TMS Aft Ling didn’t solve the issue.
  13. I’ve noticed that the bottom left of the HUD changes from steer point to IFFCC when I have this issue. I can’t work out how to get it back to steerpoint.
  14. I'm having a reproducable issue where my AGM-65H (possibly others too) are not slaving to the same SPI as the other sensor even with Long Fwd China. I set mark points, switch the dial near my CDU to just show marks. I can set HUD as SOI and select the various marks. I hit long TMS right to set SPI to last mark, and select long TMS Aft to set SPI to the mark point. I do long fwd China to slave all sensors to SPI. I can then cycle through the marks with the TGP tracking each one, but if I start using the master mode button, once I get back to Mavs, it selects some random far off po
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