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  1. Yeah i know. I keep a copy of the modification of each lua file, so i can get it done quicker after updates. For me, it reverts itself once every 4+ updates, on steam.
  2. Seeing as this would take a couple of years to code, i'll suggest that you can change the viewport names in the lua files yourself while you wait for official implementation
  3. I was wondering if the current implementation of the SA page regarding tracks' altitude is final or not. In the viper, you instantly have altitude data for each contact on the HSD. See a contact, you can immediately and accurately move the radar antenna where needed. In the hornet, no altitude is displayed until you interact with the SA page, either via TDC, or via the STEP buttons which conveniently allows you to step through each of the 17 targets on the screen, leaving the hot bandit at 10 miles for last, of course. Is this final? Will there be a better, faster way to know a track'
  4. Does the avionics system use imperial or metric system?
  5. If anyone is frustrated by the useless easter egg, you can change date to 2 apr to make it disappear
  6. Currently impossible, as far as i know. Spent hours upon hours researching.
  7. You still shoot red, they must be traitors, comrade!
  8. One of the last patches introduces the ability to press ENABLE to switch the AIM9 from SLAVE to BORE. However, it seems like you have to keep the button pressed, only for a temporary change. I find this very counteintuitive, but i'm not sure if it's a bug or the software is designed this way.
  9. It didn't overwrite it for me on steam
  10. I spent many hours researching and trying to edit luas, it appears to be impossible.
  11. I think they should stop adding more weapons like sea mines or shrikes which are not that useful, and instead focusing on quality of life. Like better hotas controls
  12. No track as i was MP, but happened here too. Sometimes it just shows the default scan range with infinite range. Uusually starts ok at the beginning of the simulation, but then after i manipulate the radar or HSD i find the circle is extended to infinity.
  13. The TWCS throttle has a paddle that works perfectly with the radar elevation antenna. I would like to buy a new throttle but i can't until they fix the rotary input.
  14. Any update on this? A new axis type would be much appreciated. I'm waiting on this to buy a new throttle.
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