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  1. I started with the M2000C, it has two great campaigns made by Baltic Dragon, one of the best campaign creator I guess, and the first campaign is.... free, comes with the module. Very didactic campaigns indeed. And that's a great plane, fun n not too complex. Wanting to learn more about BFM, I also got the F5, good to learn flying without FBW, but I was a bit disappointed by the campaigns as they don't learn you how to BFM at all, just testing your skill at it, so might be great for those already versed in BFM, but in my case I get stuck at mission 1s lol, will come back to it later on. F14
  2. I'm impressed how you seems so impressed by this module. I mean, one have to be quite confident in the quality of the cat to say things like "best FM ever" n such in front of the crazy crowd, so... can't wait!
  3. Had this problem too, today on updated OB , my walk-around was to bind the stick , then quit and launch DCS again, then bind the throttle, etc. Looks like when you start binding on one controller others are no more detected whithjn DCS ( no problem on Windows side, checked by running the joy.cpl command)
  4. To be more specific, failing to perceive reality as it is, without self imputed fantasy, is the root cause of all suffering. And the orange dress code is not at all mandatory, can be a lot more rock n roll outwardly, a lot! :lol:
  5. Yes sir, that was my first guess too, so I checked the arrival in the brief. Will try the auto complete radio item at mission start, couldn't find it at the end of mission (ok , worked, mission 12 now, nice feature thank you!) BTW that's with the Sabre
  6. Really enjoying the campaign, but can't pass this one. After I have the "relic 1, good work today, you can rtb", i do rtb but I don't have the usual ending message telling me that mission has been a success once I park. Retried several times, same result, even having a score >100, and when i hit the green "end mission" button, DCS is freezing...
  7. Interesting reading: https://www.av8n.com/how/ With your question addressed a bit there: https://www.av8n.com/how/htm/energy.html#sec-change-throttle https://www.av8n.com/how/htm/energy.html#sec-pull-yoke
  8. Yea but I'm guessing to just even start to be a decent online crew member one have to do to a lot of those single player workshops and intellectual homework, so that one can adapt instinctively n instantly to any of the unpredictably moving situation... at least that's how they proceed in real life before becoming operational gotcha I'm from 71, but all technologies depends on what you do with it no? e.g. lot of people of those years was tv slaves, n a lot still are but at least now with the numeric we can choose what we want to put in our head. Wanna learn Buddhism it's all there
  9. Ok thank you Sir, will do that. Will also continue to practice some heads on with those new friends of yours, interesting. Oh n speaking of which, as I was trying to put on a lil’ training mission for this part n replicate your AI behaviour, I looked at your mission in the mission editor, founded what I needed, but was very surprised to found no trigger n things, so Î’m just curious about what Î’m missing here, unless of course it is kind of personal secret recipe ;)
  10. Will have to learn the A10c just to play your campaigns Sir! To me Mirage ones are an amazing learning n incitation into learning tool! Feeling that it prepares me to go for online fun at some point. Nice!!
  11. Ah! Got the exact same problem today, trying to put up a training mission to learn to deal with those, but suggestions from well versed pilots would be really welcome... even my all AI wingmen went down lol ...
  12. oh boy, mission done ;) thanks a lot! Out of frustration I did start the red flag too, !0-th training n 1st mission, amazing source of knowledge n training for a beginner like me, n I'm sure more seasoned guy appreciate those too, doing it in a more stylish way than me for now:)
  13. Beginner question, after my wingman has been shot I'm supposed to blow some stuff near the crash site but as soon as I go down I'm splashed by a manpad, I don't really know what to do? any experimented can help?
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