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  1. Thanks for making this post as I have been busy lately. But if you are experiencing judders bad it is because you are not at a steady 60 frames or just a steady frame rate in general. So in my testing when I increased my graphic settings my FPS went to 55-60 and caused massive judder but after I took off and leveled out my frames went to a locked 60 and the judders went away. So I’m assuming need to have steady and lock frames with the GPU catalyst to work
  2. it is right under the rendering scale option in pitool
  3. Don’t know what SS is on PiTool and I used 3 for pre rendered frames in the control panel.
  4. Haha glad it worked. The thing to keep in mind is with GPU catalyst when the frames fall below 60 or the frames just jump around the screen will jump around in VR. But from my testing I was getter by a locked 60 frames. What I was thinking was that if you lowered it 90hz the frames will get locked at 45 and then you can turn the setting up for better visuals. So basically you need to have steady frames for this to work.
  5. I am getting a solid 60 FPS on the ground and in air with my 5K plus with MSAA on. Here is a quick setup of mine. In Pitool I set it to 120hz then normal FOV. Pitool rendering to 1.5 then GPU catalyst to 10. In steamVR I leave the rendering to Auto which should be like 46%. In game the pixel density is at 1, textures and terrain textures at high, water and viable range at low, shadows low and MSAA on 2x. I also did everything in this and his second video. With this setup I think it looks pretty good and i maintain a solid 60 FPS on SP Missions. Only tested in the A-10 and in a couple
  6. Has there been any talk about adding the ability to put waypoints for ground units or at least ships?
  7. I do like the idea of having a next comm button that would help out a lot.
  8. I would love if they had something like in ARMA so we can design out own GUIs for the game.
  9. Really I thought the only thing delayed was the f18 weapon.
  10. Who’s ready for the VR improvements today.
  11. Did not work with me but i was also short on time and tried really quick.
  12. I have not tried yet but this may be a dumb question for the guys who are getting fatal error. Are you guys trying to launch the steam version of DCS World from pitool or the standalone version.
  13. Oh damn that just killed the last bit of hope I had.
  14. Well that would be amazing but I doubt it.
  15. If you go to the 1:41 mark on this trailer you will see two f-4s but they have the blue line like they forgot to disable all labels. I don’t know I could be crazy but thought I would mention and see what you guys thought. Videos
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