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  1. Yes i have it installed but am not using it doing the single player stuff
  2. My biggest issue is i cant get the PTT thing to work no matter what i do
  3. didnt know you lost the bonus money after a time i was going to use it for the new campaign now i see its not even available anymore.
  4. I dont keep my game installs in program files mine all go into a game directory
  5. there isnt hit windows key and r to bring up run then type in cmd window will popup then cd.. twice to get to your root directory should be C:\ type in cd then where you installed dcs world then cd into the bin folder copy and paste dcs_updater update : into the cmd window when your in the bin directory and it will start up the auto updater and then just wait till it finishes once its done then you can install FC3
  6. mine went kinda smooth a few minutes ago but now i cant play my A10C module cause it is updated to a different version and it doesnt recognize that i have bought the A-10C module
  7. never mind seems like it got itself sorted out.
  8. If my credit card got charged twice. Im still only showing i ordered it once on the website but, i checked my checking account today and it shows a second charge on my account. THE FIGHTER COLLECTI is the first one made on 10/04/2010 the second one is named http://WWW.LOCKON.RU CURR CHK CARD PUR LOCKON.RU GB 002641 and it was made on 10/07/2010. Which is the correct charge. I love your games but not enough to buy it twice.
  9. Intel E8400 8gb DDR2 Ram 8800GT 512MB Drivers are RC1 for MS WDDM1.1 Win7 64bit. no crash logs since it didnt get into the game
  10. Getting this error when trying to start
  11. The Good BS is pretty The Bad your Still Ugly :)
  12. Good Stuff Dusty Id rate it a 90 as well. I dont really care about a DC only so many barcaps you can takeover and do what you want to do. Thanks again ED Good Show
  13. I get sooo much wood thinking about the A-10C with this much attention to detail. Goodness sakes alive
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