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  1. It does cheat, and it's quite easy to see. Go in a dogfight against an Ace level AI, and look for the G load at a given airspeed at which your jet starts bleeding energy in a level turn. Now check whether the AI at that same G and airspeed starts slowing down - it will not. On topic, as others have said, all these simple fixes simply miss the point that the AI has no idea how to maneuver its jet correctly. Removing the "cheating" right now essentially means setting the AI to rookie/normal, and it's clear as day that when that happens, they essentially become free kills. Going beyon
  2. Yep, this is perfectly doable by editing the Labels.lua file in /Config/View. I've used it forever to make up for my awful eye sight and the usual DCS-isms that Zhukov mentioned.
  3. Eeeeeh, that's quite the stretch. The Viggen a/a radar only displays range to tell you when you're close enough to fire AIM-9s. It doesn't compute lead for a gun shot, nor does it easily display contacts unless you are at pretty high altitude, and even then, the display is not as clear as the Mig 19/21 or F-5. It's more like the Sabre's radar, but for missile employment only. I'm also still eagerly waiting for a track that shows this supposed unrealistic maneuvering performance.
  4. Yeah I know how most USMC missions work Having a squadron name and year of deployment (circa 1968) is much better info, cheers!
  5. Wikipedia is not a good source for these details though, there's plenty wrong with its more technical statements. I've seen those images, but I don't think they prove anything. The jet in the bottom image carries SUU-23 gunpods, which were USAF/UK only. Also, no operational jet ever carried more than one pod except a single F-4E in 1972. The first image clearly states that the picture was taken at China Lake, ie, in trials. It doesn't mean the Navy or USMC ever deployed the pod. It's a bit like saying the Tomcat could carry the HARM or AMRAAM .
  6. Interesting, do you have a source for that? I have never seen a picture, nor read about, a USMC Phantom with gun pods, despite their employment in CAS. I know the USN trialed a gun pod, but I have never seen any operating from carriers either..
  7. The C, D and E were never carrier capable or flown by the USN or USMC. Ground based USMC jets were Bs, or Js (or N/S later). I'm not sure whether the USMC ever fielded a gun pod; the Navy did not, but the USAF did, so all in all I think it's unlikely.
  8. ED have taken over weapon development and have said nukes are not happening, so there's no way this is happening. Is there an inert/training round version? Some sort of training scenario on NTTR is probably the best chance at simulating nuclear missions in DCS
  9. By that measure, there are basically no maps in DCS that are appropriate for American aircraft.
  10. I think you should manage your expectations. Firing Zunis or dropping a single unguided mk-82 in CCIP, nevermind CCRP, is not meant for taking out an individual tank, not even close.
  11. The difference is that there's no chance of getting a full fidelity Su-34, while the Phantom is more of a question of "when?", rather than "if". Unfortunately, right now it seems like the answer to "when?" is "a long time".
  12. Sustained turn rate at high Mach numbers (0.8-0.9) is not bad either (you can sustain like 4.5ish G), but it's hard to stay in the sweet spot because as soon as you pull a little too much, you bleed tons of energy with no chance of recovering it. Also, you need to be at full A/B all the time, and often that means you barely have enough fuel for one dogfight before having to RTB.
  13. On the contrary, doing some quick googling, VF-74 and VF-103 deployed to the Eastern Mediterranean to support the US mission in Lebanon, flying the F-4S, in 1982, on USS Forrestal. This notion that after Vietnam the Navy didn't deploy F-4s anywhere is odd at best, honestly. The Phantom saw tons of action post-Vietnam regardless of variant. edit: also, in 1986 USS Midway deployed to the East China Sea (so in the ballpark of the upcoming Marianas map) with VFA-151, which flew F-4Ss. That would also fit upcoming DCS maps, and as far as I can tell, that was the last Navy Phantom deployment.
  14. Do you have a source for that? I thought only the -G did edit: how about that, an -E and -G flying together both carrying Shrikes! It looks like only the G could carry the Standard or Harm though
  15. Only a specific version of the Phantom which is the least likely to be developed for DCS. Your average Phantom is not significantly better at SEAD than, say, the Viggen.
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