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  1. great job ! wonderful. is it possible to have the old version (with a link perhaps) because i want to make my own mix (for the interior sound). I love those sounds in my Mig !!!!!!! i thank you so much
  2. a million thanks and indeed I hadn't read the update
  3. Hi everyone, I'm certainly a sick noob, but i'm unable to slew my tpod since november update. I think i made it an SOI but now , I don't trust myself Could you explain me please, i'm fade up with my inability to find an answer many thanks
  4. Seems to be a nice job. We test it tonight Thank for your investment, in all case
  5. Nice job, guys. Much more efficient than the interior redesign of the A-10c. A few clickable switch bugs, but nothing that disappoints us. thanks again
  6. Yes, it's going to be complicated..... Doesn't matter , it's largely enough and we have a lot of fun on it thanks for all .:thumbsup:
  7. This mission is absolutely fabulous. We spend hours on it. Yesterday we have had a request (for you) : the same mission BUT .... only with Cold War units (15,sabre,21,19...T55 sa2 and sa3 etc,etc .....) Is it possible for you to spend time on this idea ? PLEASE !!!!!!!
  8. i've just reinstall all my game Same error....something wrong with the game files My friend hasn't this ERROR when he host. first time i "crash" on a problem like that.....and i'm unable to understand why it happend. I won't host ...... BOUH !!!!!
  9. No everything is OK after a re-check never mind.... thx to you
  10. not at all, it's the original file. I'm on the open beta ..... When i check kobuleti and the Stennis i can see that the suply is at "0" but ...... Don't waste your time for me..... i'm going to say the other's to be roleaplay, thats all.... I no longer seek to understand..... :-)
  11. Problem report : On the F-18 we still can mount the AGM-154 and the Aim-120. (it's not forbidden). (multiplayer and i host on my server)
  12. OKAY !!!! Wonderful it's still very very delicate one more time : thank you for your explanations guy's
  13. you said : "Check the CBs are in if that happens. Stay below 300km/h. Do not pull Gs during retraction, pushing a little in the last phase of retraction helps. The CB for the landing gear is probably a little bit too sensitive. " I'm not very strong in english so what about "CB" and "Gs" and thanks a lot for your answers
  14. idem for me The gear rectract and suddenly goes down (when he is retracted in fact). Even a slow speed does nothig at all. please help me before the last update, it did not happen like that "You have to push/mouseklick the undercarriage control CB despite it looking already pushed in. This is a bug. Push this CB and the gear should raise up." it does nothing too
  15. thanks for all you're realy a super team VIVE HEATBLUR !!!! :-)
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