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  1. Damn. Ordered mine 3 days later and still nothing since the initial confirmation email. Thanks.
  2. How long did it take for your 200mm extension? I'm waiting on one of those at the moment. Edit: You mean the curved one, right? The others also make up 200mm, so that could mean either.
  3. Yes, the paddle lever is an actual axis. I haven't used the VFX, but the paddle on the T50 is perfect for Spit/Russian brakes.
  4. I really don't get it. Surely they can just send it as is, like they did when they came straight from Belarus. There isn't even anything for them to worry about. The taxes will be handled at customs.
  5. Thanks a lot for the translation and for clearing things up a bit.
  6. Especially as yesterday's newsletter specifically mentions carrying troops.
  7. If ED have reached this point without knowing any of this, we're really in trouble! Very interesting video though, thanks for posting.
  8. The long and short presses are in the simulation itself, they aren't bindings. For example you simply bind 'TMS left' to left on any hat, and the short and long presses work as they should.
  9. Putting the cockpit lighting in 'NVG' mode should do it.
  10. It's two different bases with interchangeable sticks. One base has a rotating throttle grip, the other doesn't. You can use either stick with it. So the simple answer is yes.
  11. Honestly, Virpil are all over the place with times. It could be quick or it could be a few months. Either way it will definitely be worth it.
  12. It seems you completely missed the point of his post. He wasn't complaining that it's two different aircraft. He was simply suggesting it as evidence that refuelling pods might not currently be possible in the game engine.
  13. They sell an adapter plate for 24.95€. https://virpil-controls.eu/vpc-mongoost-50cm2-throttle-tmw-throttle-mounting-adapter.html
  14. As far as I'm aware they've never done any kind of upgrade kit. Sometimes they'll give a very slight discount to owners of an earlier model, but that's all.
  15. @imackenI'll take that CM2 off your hands when the time comes There's no need to wait. I'll tell you right now that it will be worth it!
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