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  1. The 480th Virtual Fighter Squadron opened its gates! We are the 480th vFS, an European Wild Weasel Squadron and part of JTF-1, a group that flys different airframes as real as it gets. If you are from Europe and you are looking for a realistic group to fly your F-16C with, and if you are a teamplayer that puts others before himself, that hates SAM's with a passion and thrives in a high threat environment, we are your pick. Requirements to join are the F-16C module, Persian Gulf and Nevada Maps. It is advisable but not mandatory, to have a good grasp on the basics of flying, startup,
  2. I'll give it a good home PorcoRosso and fly it high and mighty! Thank you so much for your for to VF-2!
  3. We all have been waiting for this! Congrats!
  4. I said it once in CSG-1 discord Server (Priest) and I'll say it again, THANK YOU BANKLER! This will help us immensely.
  5. Yeah that I can replace, what's baffling me is what it's behavior is. I'll try and post a vídeo of what it's doing so I can get help in identifing what it's problem is and correct it. If I have to mod it I have zero problema with doing so just need help in finding how to mod it if this will extend it's lifetime. It's an amazing joystick that's why I asked for help, I still want to use it in the future.
  6. Did yours also had that "slack" in the middle to one of the axis?
  7. Good evening all, as per title I own a DCS HOTAS Cougar which has given me numerous joy. But now it has a gimble problem (I assume) since it can't stay centered and the sensors sensitivity continue to "wobble" giving me negative input. Since I'm no tech adept I ask here is someone can help me repair this amazing hardware. Much obliged in advance to all!:joystick:
  8. I'm still looking for a EU squadron with instructors, not the kind that swamp you with books and tell you "here LEARN TO FLY!" but actually have time to explain in "person" what and how should we fly, an actual teacher/s.:smartass:
  9. Greetings all, heard about this legendary server and been trying to find it but alas, I cannot. Is it still up?
  10. Good morning all. My name is Pedro, I'm 39 years old Army Veteran from Portugal who finally decided to get serious and learn how to properly fly combat aircraft. I'm looking for a EU Squadron that has a newbie training program willing to teach from scratch. I own the following DCS products and I'm planning to purchase many more: - DCS Flamming Cliffs 3 - DCS A-10C Warthog I also own TrackIR5. I bring the professionalism and dedication of a an Ex-Soldier but without the exaggerations, this is a game in the end. I'm fluent in English.
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