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  1. Thanks de.impact. Perhaps a pilot can target designate a point on the ground, have the wingmen locate that point and create a mark point at that position. It would be great if wingmen could see others shared designated targets with HMD.
  2. Look like the official response is moving this question to wish list and changing title to “would not be accurate”. Real life hornet drivers share non briefed locations via grid coordinates over the radio and manually input on UFC?
  3. IIRC, IRL, this can be done with F-16C. Will our hornets be able to share mark points via datalink in the future?
  4. Thankfully my obutto had holes for -15 degree offset. I recommend drilling new holes to save your wrist.
  5. Does anyone have a screenshot of the visibility effect to share?
  6. I imagine the folks who frequent “JUST DOG FIGHT” server would have a good sense of which module is the king. It seems like the JF-17 (aka the jeff) has potential in the right hands, but lacks the climbing power of the tomcat.
  7. First of all, let's see if this entire thread can go this distance without needing moderators to remind us about the forums rules and regs. In your opinion, which module is the absolute king in 1v1 gun fight and why? Think street fight. The only G limit is how well the wings are attached to the fuselage.
  8. Wow! Part of me wishes this was kept quiet until the moment it was available for download. I remember the stress of anticipation/hype while waiting for the hornet to become available.
  9. Yes, thank you very much Ugra for adding Cyprus!
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