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  1. End of calendar Q1 is March 31, so that should be the new expectation. If released earlier, great!
  2. Is image quality the same as what is in video with your G2 at 45FPS?
  3. IMO it’s Jeff. Jeff can bring four harms and two glide bombs dispensing sensor fused weapons.
  4. Hi All, Here's a list of mostly PVE missions that I've made. Most were crafted around hornet, but they all should accommodate other modules as well. All of these missions are made with the intention that virtual pilots will discuss how to best accomplish each objective, and create their own flight plans/paths. The waypoints are not meant to be necessarily followed in any order, more like references. Special thanks to DCS community, MOOSE community, Falcon, @lastresort77, and many others for the lua help along the way. Enjoy! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UsO3FktP15TrlT0Qpu5-7Xf-Z6PufFNYknhReKM2DG8/edit?usp=sharing
  5. I flew some more today and died a few times. At one point the constant flaps vibration stopped persisting after a couple of respawns. I guess it's case closed for now. If it comes back I'll uninstall and reinstall. Thanks @f4l0
  6. Updated to 2.3.0, repaired DCS export folder, and still have this runaway vibration. I wonder if I should reinstall entirely?
  7. Hi f410, Here's the miz I've been using for testing. I still think it's odd that the vibrations continutest.mize even when I get back to the main menu. Another data point is that this started when I updated either SSSM or SSA, can't remember which.
  8. Thanks, that makes the runaway vibration more tolerable during flights but it still keeps going even after I go back to the main menu. I have to restart DCS to get it to stop. I'm staring to wonder if a complete reinstall would work since the DCS export repair didn't. If I do reinstall, do I need to email another registration request? Hi Andre. That was the first time I enabled verbose logging (hoped it would help pin point the cause). The effect keeps going even with verbose logging off. Even though the constant vibrating is just coming out of my butt kicker, I tried power cycling the jet seat and unfortunately there was no change in symptom. The other odd observation is that I would expect the runaway effect to reset when I respawn into another plane but this is not the case. When I spawn on deck from a fresh DCS game loading the effect isn't a problem. Only after I launch from the cat. I also got the following error when I tried loading in again with verbose logging enabled to collect more data. Not sure what it means, or if it's just related to verbose logging since I don't normally get this error. Spawned on deck, no runaway vibrations. After take off, went back to main menu, and spawned back on the ship.
  9. I have the game paused right now after taking off from a carrier. The vibrations are still persisting through the butt kicker (analog output), and here's what I see when I enable verbose logging in sound module. Seems like it's p1_12_0_1? Should also mention that the vibrations persist even when i'm back at the main menu. Thanks for helping me with this! I LOVE this mod for DCS.
  10. Hi, Im still struggling with my hornet having continuous vibrations after take off. Even if I disable all effects while in the air, the “wom wom wom wom” vibrations keep going. I tried DCS export repair but the issue is still there, and I am using the latest (non beta) versions of SSA and SSSM. Any advice?
  11. My dad is getting into DCS and I was shopping around for his xmas gift. He loves the hornet but has been trying to learn with the old X-52 pro. I liked the look of the super taurus and libra, but after seeing these pics and video I might have to shell out a little extra money to go for a virpil set. Thanks for sharing @rooster328
  12. I don’t know about nowadays, but when the original black shark was released I edited the SP campaign miz files and added clients. Worked well for most missions.
  13. Thanks @Supmua. Vibrations should be okay, arm wrestling is not.
  14. One more question. I have a butt kicker thing on my cockpit that makes vibrating effects when flying. Does anyone think this could cause the FSSB device to fail prematurely? I sent a email to real simulator but didn’t get a response.
  15. I've run into a new problem after updating SSSM while using butt kicker and jet seat flying a hornet. During start up everything works well. As soon as I get airborne I feel a constant vibration that reminded me of afterburn. With SSA open I uncheck all effects but the constant vibration continues. When I close DCS world the constant vibration continues until SSA and SSSM detects that DCS is no longer running and then the constant vibration stops. I did try "DCS Repair Export" but it did not help. I poked around SSA and SSSM installation folders but don't see any logs. Any advice?
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