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    Using vr

    You will find the VR subforum in the "Input and Output" section on the main forum page. As to your issue, if you look in the controls mapping section of the DCS settings, in the drop-down tab that has the list of planes, scroll down and you will see an option for UI or VR (I can't remember exactly the name) and it has a "re-centre Headset" button that can be mapped. That should get you seated back in the cockpit. I'm not sure why it bumps you out to the left occasionally, in my experience that's a tracking issue or could be that the button is already mapped to a key/button that you u
  2. +1 it's so f*&*ing annoying...please fix ASAP. I beg you.
  3. yeah i'm jumping in and adding a +1 to this...really frustrating. the "hands-free" button pushing should be at least an option in the settings... it's too easy to hit buttons/switches by accident. in the f18, when my hand is on the HOTAS stick IRL, it doesn't perfecting line up with the VR cockpit so my hand keeps hitting the buttons on the lower mfd...I usually just fly with it off now to prevent accidental activation. We have the ability to use the grip (laser) and trigger to interact with the cockpit with, which is awesome, I love it...Just let us turn on/off the "hands-free" butto
  4. Then click on Options - Kneeboard Profiles. Click on Modify to create a new Profile for the Kneeboard. Then click on the aircraft dropdown, and select the aircraft you want this profile to apply to. Alternatively you could select All here to have the same kneeboard profile apply to all your aircraft. I'm having trouble with this part...the Modify button is greyed out so I am unable to resize the kneeboard. Am I missing a step? I followed your write up and read the manual (which is a bit outdated).
  5. After Digging through some of the bug threads, it has been reported. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=237211&highlight=box
  6. That's a negative ghostrider. The JHMCS can be used with all the current air-to-air weapons. As for the original question, not sure "why" the circle is there. You can still use the JHMCS to lock-up the target off-bore within the radar FOV for the AMRAAM.
  7. Ok so I tried it out again and the JHMCS symbology is messed up, at least in my game. When locking up a target with the JHMCS off-bore (ie looking up, left , etc), the TD box should follow the target. But for me, the TD box is jumping back to the HUD. I've attached my track file so you can see as well as a link to a YouTube video how it's supposed to work. f18hud2.trk
  8. Thanks for the reply Harker! I didn't realize it was on by default...at least in the instant action/missions. But the second TD box was due to the JHMCS being on and looking through the HUD. I think I have to tweak the HMD reject options a little...because this didn't happen before.
  9. Hey guys! I just jumped back into the Hornet today and noticed something different with the HUD symbology behavior when targets gets locked up. If you take a look at the attached track file, I'm getting a ghost TD box floating around...not sure if this is new with LTWS or what...any ideas? This is a fresh install of DCS on a fresh install of windows 10...VR with an HTC Vive Pro. Thanks f18hud.trk
  10. I've been playing DCS 2.5 in VR for a while and would like to ask if you could add the "Use Mouse" option in the VR settings page as a bindable key in the Controls page. This would allow quick switching from using the mouse pointer to using the HMD pointer instead of going through the menus during flight. For example, running a ramp start in the F/A-18C Hornet with "use mouse off" is not practical as trying to use the HMD to point the cursor to the knobs and switches on the lower consoles is difficult and impossible in some cases (chin is in your chest) . And vise versa in flight, with "
  11. Do you guys know if it's possible to have a hotkey for quickly switching the "use mouse" option on/off? During Ramp starts and some in-flight operations I like to have "use mouse" on. Otherwise my chin is basically in my chest trying to work the left/right console knobs and buttons. But during flight I turn it off and just use my head as the pointer so I'm not fumbling with the mouse. The only way I know of is by going through the ESC menu...
  12. Yeah I have agree to this...when the Harrier first arrived the NavFLIR and FLIR worked beautifully! I almost always made missions at night. But since 2.5, night ops in general for all plans has been something to avoid. But that hits the AV-8B N/A harder than others as it's a Night Attack module. And it's something that really grinds my gears, but it's a DCS issue. I reported this issue to ED at what seems like a LONG time ago, and they said they were working towards a fix. But now seeing Wags post that it is high priority, it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside again. Once th
  13. nvm! I did a 'verify integrity of game files' check in steam and all is working now. Thanks Capt Zeen!
  14. I have a question gents: I'm getting the DDIs, AMPCD and IEFI to export to my second monitor, but then the in-game screens are blank. Is this normal? I had the Beta installed before I did the update 2 and the export and in-game screens would be on at the same time.
  15. The Hotfix changelog doesn't mention anything about NVG fix.
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