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  1. This is a must , by the way Blocks 50 have this cursor for BE use in HSD page. Thxs.
  2. This situation happen always, not sometime, is a fact, so i hope ED will fix it in near future, but, there's another situation in that showed screen Pic. Watch that system File ( Holo) at 40 nm, why?? .RWS Search Mode if I understand , are not part of RWS files but TWS, so, interesting this situation that i also been interacting with when in BVR Squad Training. If i'm wrong with this RWS observation, plse. be happy to explain it. Thanks.
  3. Great and useful job Eduardo. Thank you so much and Well done.
  4. Thanks Skouras, beautiful cinematic plus songs, well done....
  5. Hello, knowing that this Sim is in early access i will expose my first experience in this Viper. Performances are pretty bad, Low acceleration ( weird) hi drag feeling. Rate of turn not as the PK graphics etc. Don't know why the aircraft is performing poorly comparing ti the FA-18c, when well known the big difference is the acceleration capability of Viper vs Hornet. Nope, performances are not the Viper should have. Go to the Viper's Dash-1 and you will see what i'm talking about. Thxs, cheers.
  6. Perfect, proud to fly this beauty and his incredible performances. Lets go MICA.....and more Missiles pylons... :) lets go Mark5.....
  7. Maybe, disabling Ad-Blocker applet. for that web ( if you have it installed.) Cheers.
  8. Beautiful vid Partizan... Good job love it.... !!!!
  9. Here you will find few pics newer and older ones. https://www.flickr.com/cameraroll PS: i'm on the right of the first pic. Watch the ground speed we achieve crossing Atlantic O. Pretty fast for an airliner.....
  10. Of course Yoshua, i'll follow your suggestion.... Cheers....
  11. Jajajajaja ho yeah, nice Camo. We called Pantera the Race Plane, it was fast and when do engaged him, one of the things to be aware was not let him to speed up more than to M1.2 because that engine (ATAR 9 K 50) enters in a Sur Vitess, increasing engine speed by 500 rpm, and we were unable to follow him. On those years ( 8o's) we used to have FOX 2 Missiles AIM 9, Rafael Shafrir's and Pythons, later on we receive FOX 1 and FOX 3 Missiles. Cheers.
  12. Nope, other Chilean pilots flew Mirages-50 Up-Graded Pantera with canards for low flying dynamic stability and a Full OTAN config. version of MIII-5 Elkan. FACH is more interested to send F-16 B-30 and 40 plus B-50's for this exercises, specially to check-compare Rafales performances (BVR capability and Tactics). Cheers. PS: Ma grand pere was French, by the way we have a lot French, German immigrants in Chile.
  13. I'm from Chile way south, with 62 years old, B777 200 LR IP. Cheers.
  14. yes jo jo' Thanks for the pic. I can tell you that I flew the real M2K-5 SIM, because my country was interested to buy this beauty, but they choose another beauty, the F-16 Block 50. Anyways, now we are talking. Extreme agility plus 4 Gen. SA and Armament. What i'm requesting is Mica EM/ER can be up-grade or not to our M2KC, no more no less. Cheers and thxs again for this beautiful picture.
  15. Hello Helljumper, I'm not saying that you will always win; By the way is not a symmetric fight, is an Asymmetric one, F18's advance armaments . As always, it will depends on your strategy and how it goes in the AO. This is not real thing, but is a fantastic SIMULATION with an excellent approach to the real scenario. What i don't like and is not real is how DCS simulates long distance incoming aircraft. That tinny pixel without volumen. In real fur-ball is unlikely loosing (going no-joy) if both guys stays in combat, even if you have to unload to gain energy, you will never loose him, not f
  16. Thanks for your guess, going to Loetje restaurant any later, let say in 5 more days when i'll fly to AMS. very nice a la carte Restaurant, love it, but because future is incertain, i can request any thing. Peoples, companys, anything changes in the future, that's why is not that i'm ignoring any thing. i have freedom to think or choose what ever i want sir. Thxs for your advice. Cheers.
  17. Congrats for your thinking, i'm mastering my Mirage2c also, but my request differs a lot of your personal flavors. I'm requesting a " FUTURE UP-GRADE " if possible, to something around -5, no more no less and is intended to be read by RASBAM. It's a dream, more or less, please, let me dream thxs. Cheers...
  18. jojo, Because is good challenge to go. Anyways i'll choose F-18's instead 29's, but is not the point Known the capabilities of the -5, is because my request. I love Mirage aerodynamics and performances. If i could, i will like to fly Rafale, but is too much, don't you think. More on, French Aero Industrie is well known to be on top of the line, Military and Civil. I want my Mirage Up-Grade, that's it, so, decision is to be made by RASBAN, not too difficult to understand. Cheers.
  19. Kreisch, I understand your point but I reject that possibility if your fighting not an IA. If you watch my post carefully , is all about to counteract the "8" AIM 120 that the F-18 can carry. You may defeat 2 or 3 of them not all 8's, so, you will need more than 2 M2Kc to have a real PK. More over, in my youth i flew 5 years the F-5E Part III in air combat, so i know very well tactics BFM, TAC'S etc. Yes, is an old platform but fitted with good AIM 9's and Derby BVR missile, tactics change a lot. If I were flying an F-18 against 2 M2Kc's , i will try first to put de enemies in my envelope,
  20. MrDieing. First of all my request is for RASBAN, so your answered is for you, or you belong to RASBAM Team??. If you are, let me tell you that your aren't helping your team business , pretty bad policy. If you don't, well, let me ask what ever I want, specially this plausible request to this great Team.
  21. Cheers. My request is difficult for advance, but, we need it badly to counteract American AIM 120 Amraams FOX3 missiles with Mica Up-Grades used in the -5 improved model. We need to upgrade our beauty with more sophisticated medium range fire and forget missiles. Please, try to see if this request is possible in the near future. Thanks RASBAM for all your effort. Queridos diseñadores, les ruego vean la posibilidad preliminar de analizar vuestras capacidades de hacer el up-grade -5 ( Greek model version ) a nuestros Mirage o simplemente el F-18 no tendrá oponente alguno. Solo debido a
  22. My updated version is:, is this u'r taking about? Any ways, if you can help in the eventual HUD setting up you have it will help me a lot. thxs. PS: I have it running now, THXS.
  23. Hi all, Can someone tell how to setup the HUD brightness... Thxs. PS: I've been trying to selecto the brightness with the left rotary knob has should be, but nothing happens.
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