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  1. Ha funzionato [emoji106] Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. I due in dotazione sono quelli di default, se provi a deflaggare tutti gli altri e poi selezioni solo quelli che hai comprato e procedi, che ti dice? Porta a termine tutto il processo e vedi cosa ti dice. Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. Giro al mio amico Viper79 per vedere se riesce a darci una mano. Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. Put the pitch trim down to one notch and it will go like a charm.
  5. Will SOW be updated with today's patch or not? Thx.
  6. Thx for the update, now we need a time frame... Final stage means... 3 months? We need it [emoji41] Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  7. Hi, I'm trying to copy (or make a template so I can reuse it) the circular target made of static train's wagon that are the target range on the FW190 A8 Nevada Range Test mission. I try to select all the obj make a copy then open my mission on Normandy and make a paste...but nothing... So I tried to select all the obj and then make a template but when I load it in the new map only the first obj are present.... How could I make it? Forgive my bad English
  8. Two months fom first announcement (two weeks), nearly two from the second.....come on guys....You didn't realize that something on Your marketing strategy really didn't work.....? For example, my hype (and I think that also for other people could be the same...) is starting to fade away... In the last months, hoping for a end of the year/beginning of the next one release the choiche of my next WWII module between Your Corsair and ED Mosquito was a no game for the Corsair...but after months of no info.... I dont wanna be polemical, only realistic person. Bye.
  9. DCS WWII is growing up well but ED's team working on it is pretty the same, small compared to the modern team. I think that should start considering to put up a WWII division switching more people on it. WWII are simpler to realize, take less time, could be more profitable and there are tons of aircraft and at least three different theatre to exploit.
  10. CTRL LEFT+Y You can cycle it to see TAS/IAS or shut it off. Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. There are already Normandy Winter Textures, look in the download section :) Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. Ok, no problem, the most important thing is that will be adressed. I don't know if it was intentionally implemented to simulate the bulb blow that sometimes Spitfire's pilots experienced but, if this is the case, we need like in the reality, the possibility to change it during the fly (like the real pilots do...) because at the moment we have the "problem" but not the solution. :thumbup:
  13. Any new about this problem? It happen like I told with a 10:1 ratio...but still happen.
  14. I dont wanna be polemical... I can beatevery AI at every level with the Spit, struggling a bit with the 109 at max level only because is more like a UFO than an aircaft. For out turn no problem, to follow them in a climb You need to stay conservative and going in lag pusuit a lot of time...the AI is so stupid, he will try to go vertical after vertical foe ever... Lowering the figth near the deck and he will have less energy from time to time until You will be able to catch and kill. For the others problem, the engine is not an issue, You must know that at full power You have 3 mins, that could be extended if You manage to start high and do sometimes some steep dive to bring speed and more air to the radiator. If You go vertical You must know that is the speed manage to fall under 80 Mph You MUST cut the rpm and the manifold or You will burn the engine in 6/8 seconds. The only thing that I could concede You is the tint of the glass, having see the real one the DCS simulated version is still too saturated. I hope a rework in the future or a mod to have it more realistic. Last but not the least, if they managed to "the sight burns out, meaning you have to change lightbulbs in mid-flight (not implemented in DCS, the sight just turns off), and there is no ironsight for backup, like in the soviet fighters." I hope they will put a key to simulate the pilot's change of the bulb because at the moment we have only the real problem and not the real solution, so for my point of view, is not so realistic. :thumbup:
  15. This mission is fantastic, I have only one suggestion...pheraps the flak over Carentan is a bit too much and also accurate, is really difficult made a pass without catching damage even applying normal flak countermeasure moves.
  16. Really wonderful job! I hope Ugra Media contact the author (or viceversa) to have them refined, the problem with the spalsh texture resolved and finally integrated in the Normandy Map so we didn't incur in the failed integrity check :thumbup:
  17. I know that would be a big effort but we need fuel calculations for the warbirds and also a full icon set. Just bought two licence so, I'm start asking like a customer :thumbup:
  18. From this point of view is perfectly accepttable :thumbup:
  19. Ok, subjective...so I can say it.... Only to add contest to my statement I'm a software developer...so I have a bit of knowledge about software and software prices, here in Europe a software (good software but with the need of refinement...) like CF at 40$ it's a bit overpriced :)
  20. I think that if the price could be lowered to 30$ full and 24$ as launch offer it will have more success...I think it's a bit overpriced now...great tool but a bit overpriced....
  21. So put on a Patreon so I (and hope also the others) can land You few bucks so You will buy it... Then give us a The Channel winter/snow version pls ???? Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  22. Winter and snow...? Ther's another guys who is working on it, You could join the task.... Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
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