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  1. Sure, I know it. But I'm talking about that I don't see the kill in the score screen and then when I see that the statistics are updated (from the flying hours number) they aren't still present.
  2. Hi, in the last days sometimes the server didn't register my kill. Today for example, 10 minutes ago, I killed a D9 but didn't register anything in the score. I have the track if You want, 58Mb, if You want I can send You via Wetranfer, just give me Your email address. Thx.
  3. Exactly, I set range to 1000/1100 and the shots land exactly all in the centre.
  4. Probably You are right but the strange is that it happens only with the 109 and also not only on MP but also in SP. The 109 can take a lot of damage and still fly like nothing has happened, at least in my experience.
  5. I've been noticing for a while now a new aircraft in DCS, the 109 flying comet.. Jokes aside in SP and MP I can see 109 englulfed in a fireball still flying and fighting like they haven't any damage. Yesterday on SOW for example I hit 2 109 setting them ablaze, one was able to fight for 5 minutes hitting my wingman and the escaping towards a friend's airfield, the other could hit full power and even if ablaze climb and escape.... As for the two I receive no kill in the SOW's stats I can assume that they made it back succesfully. I fear that ED must check how 109 react to damage, cause at the moment, at least for what I see, they react unnaturally.
  6. I know the gunsight meaning, I was talking about gun convergence... :) I found that P-47 and P-51 normal gun converrgence was in the range of 1000/1200 yards: And for the Spitfire was in the range of 280/300 Yards.
  7. Hi Porcorosso, could You pls update with the new aircraft Your wonderful chart?
  8. For the result that You achieved probably You could submit it to ED for an official inclusion in the game [emoji106] Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. Pls VKB, give the base plate design to Monstertech in advance so they could produce a base attachment for their desktop mount and so have them available for the launch [emoji106] Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. For the Spitfire I remember 270/300 yards... Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. Unbeliveaable! Years ago I choose VKB as my only HOTAS supplier (I have one Gladiator MKII for Warbirds and one Gunfighter MCG Pro for modern jets) and and not a day goes by without confirmation of having made the right choice!
  12. Wonderful! pls keep on, there are a lot of ships to "reborn", i think about the Roma, the Hood, a lot of others ship to bring on DCS....Keep on!
  13. Thx Flappie, probably he send me the wrong log...cause I was with him on TS two night ago trying to let him join our server. I will try to take the other log in the meantime I thank You because You give me a good hint, page file size...I fear he lowered it and with a total of 16Gb of ram and only a 1Gb of page file I fear that the problem could be there. Thx for now. Bye.
  14. The problem is there...no crash, absloutely no crash...simply DCS close to desktop...as if You press Alt+F4 with a normal program.
  15. Hi, have You ever resolve Your issue? I ask because form yesterday a friend of mine have the same issue....
  16. At the moment the fast mission generator work only with modern era jets, didn't work well with Korean era jets and didn't work at all with Warbirds.....
  17. 1) electric fuel pump is on? 2) if fuel pressure drop You turn the fuel pressure valve? Managed yesterday to achieve 30k without problem.... Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  18. Hi, mine pedals come just yesterday so today I will put it to work. I'm interested in Your feeling with damper for WWII warbirds, cause I bought also the main damper I wanna ask You, is it better flying a WWII aircraft with the damper? Also the spring must be keep attached for recentering? I feel the damper a bit stiff (mine are these https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B08CHDPR1R/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) so I think it must be softned using the gear on it, do You have any suggestion on haow much to soften it to achieve spring centering? Thx.
  19. VKB, no phisical brake but extremely precise! Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  20. In the last days on SOW they worked... Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  21. Col repair si è fixato. Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  22. Ha funzionato [emoji106] Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  23. I due in dotazione sono quelli di default, se provi a deflaggare tutti gli altri e poi selezioni solo quelli che hai comprato e procedi, che ti dice? Porta a termine tutto il processo e vedi cosa ti dice. Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
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