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  1. Hi, really noob here...I can't manage it to work. I load the two script afte MOOSE, then launch the mission, take a slot as Gamemaster ( red coalition for example) click on Marker Tab, then left click on map, type for example "-s-capbf109" then click on the red X on Marker Tab and...nothing happen.... Where I made (cause I'm sure I made...) the mistake? Thx.
  2. It spawn two aircraft in a flight; the amount of groups spawned is determined by the overhead factor.
  3. Found! You need to specify it: A2ADispatcher:SetSquadronGrouping( "Dunkirk", 2 ) (example) and You need to comment (or delete) any reference to visibility of the squadron at start (on Discord a guy told me that there's a bug). -- A2ADispatcher:SetSquadronVisible( "Dunkirk" )
  4. Hi, thx for the support, I watch the video, try to install Eclips but following the step by step tutorial I get an error in the last step, a building error or something...so after ten attempts I switched to Notepad++ After watching the video and classes and looking at some tutorial missions I think yes, do You belive is there the error? Actually the problem seem related not to detection but about spawning...
  5. Hi, thx for Your reply. I thinked that the script could be found inside the .miz file (is a zip) but could provide it, is not a problem. In the meantime I managed to have it work (but I must to deactivate the Border Zone parameter). Now I have another problem, I see that the dispatcher spawn 1 aircraft at time, even if it spawn for example 4 aircraft in total it do in 4 flight of 1. This is not realistic cause normally aircraft spawn in pair so, there's a method or a parameter to have the dispatcher spawn aircraft in wings of two? Thx. Here the script (it's really simple and with a big inspiration from the mission demostration that I found online...) but as I stated I'm a nood Also forgive my bad English. AID-A2A-EAF51-TheChannel3.lua
  6. Hi all, really noob in MOOSE and mission editing, I need a bit of help, just write my first script but...surprisngly....didn't work Can someone just check my simple mission and tell me where I make the mistake? I made a very simple mission on DCS on The Channel with A2A Dispatcher.....just some EWR station, some base, squadron and then I tried to activate some CAP/GCI with the dispatcher....just put some Blue aircraft to activate the defence but it didn't work...Probably someone with expereince could find the error easy...for me it's impossible... The mission is attached, thx to all thet could help me. Test MOOSE A2A Dispatcher .miz
  7. Same res for me and spotting become a little worst switching from 1080p. For action, if You go to Storm of War server, stay near Carpiquet, if You go to Growling Sidewinder server stay in the central part of the Channel. Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. Hi, not sure what you mean with "where dogfight take place", You talk abiut MP server or SP mission? For ground target (and also aerial contact) visual and LOD are actually difficult and the problem scale up with higher resolution. Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. Running from day one on one of our server, wonderful mission! I hope You will release others to have them running in loop
  10. Colgo l'occasione per ringraziare AF per il supporto e per l'opportunità concessa, ci vediamo martedì
  11. Try look here: Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. I flushed my dns cahce and also restart the router but still having the problem. The strange is that via web I can normally log in on ED site or forum. 30 seconds after work...thx!
  13. Chuck we need You, a Mosquito guide...my laser printer is pawing
  14. My statement generated a misunderstandig. I stated that "I set the range" but obviously I mean the range on gunsight, so probably the gun convergence are set at this range. With adjusting the range of the gunsight to the same of gun convergence (fixed in DCS or at least I think that is fixed) I get a sort of reminder of the right distance to engage. If the target was closer or farer than this reference I known that I will need to change aimpoint to avoid shots that land too apart (first case) or crossed (second). Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  15. We cross fingers so [emoji1696][emoji6] Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  16. There's a fantastic mod, I don't know if is still working.. Start from here and search the forum. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3313186/ Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  17. For the price, expecially on sale, take all and You will not be disappointed [emoji106] Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  18. Hi, I have a really strange problem, I reinstalled my Pc recently and then remapped the controls for the Spitfire. Before the reinstall all goes well for regular and clipped wing version, now the regular version work perfectly but if I load a mission (for example the quick one vs A8 on the Channel map ) with the CW version the control didn't respond and if I go in the setup all the fields are empty. Close DCS, restart and if I choose the regular version the control are ok, if I choose then CW version...same problem.... Pls Help cause I'm goign mad... Thx.
  19. With Your build You need a better GPU, a 6800XT or a 3070. More powerful is not necessary, less and Your GPU will still be the bottleneck. I have a 6900XT and a 5600 and I play at 1440p at 100 fps or more in SP (maxed out options) or 70/80 fps in MP (still maxed out graphic options). Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  20. Even if I set the Tomcat as the only one client and the T-45 only AI the camera didn't work anymore. Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  21. Tried and found, if there's a T-45 in the mission the camere didn't work... Inviato dal mio BLA-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
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