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  1. Hi, happy new year ! I can't read F-18 manuel, maybe some issue ?
  2. Hi, I still have the same problem .. when i create FOB with CTLD, the fob look like a mortar .. Other questions, i would add new object on CTLD, how can i do that ?
  3. Hi, New slot for please 1st : 2 x AV8B -> Jacobus [1st FWP] -> Stuart [1st FWP]
  4. For some obscure reason after having done a CLEAN of DCS it seems to be getting back in order.
  5. Hello, Since the update, when loading a mission (map caucasus) via the mission editor dcs blocks. the loading bar stays at "Terrain Gaphics : 97. Caucasus" and does not go further ... DCS 2.5 OB. Edit : It's the same problem with All Map, with new mission or an older. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/454009540644700172/559008725801893898/Capture.PNG
  6. Simply thank you A simple message to say thank you! Thank you for these superb guides, qualitative and detailed! I do not even dare to imagine the time spent writing these little jewels of knowledge for our favorite modules.
  7. Bonjour, La 1 st fighter wing program recherche actuellement des pilotes de tous horizons près à s'investir dans le projet commun d'une escadrille virtuelle. Vous êtes nouveaux sur DCS ? Pas de problème, nous vous aiderons, a découvrir et à prendre plaisir sur DCS au sein de la 1st FWP. Nous recherchons avant tout un état d'esprit et non un "niveau" Partage, entre aides, et volonté font partie de vos maîtres mots . Venez déposer candidature ! Vous n'êtes pas nouveau sur DCS ? Fort bien nous recherchons des personnes expérimentées sur différents appareils dans le but de
  8. For now i don't find any solution. For me it's "normal" to have mortar but maybe we can change something for personnalise this ? is it true ?
  9. Hi, if it's Possible i need 2 Tomcat for 1st FWP - @Paul [1st FWP] (Pilote) - @Rayak [1st FWP] (Pilote) - @Sir Nomad [1st FWP] (RIO)
  10. Hi, After research and several attempts of understanding I find myself in front of a problem, I wish to make a spawn a FOB using the system of creation of object ect ect ect ... My problem is the following: How to modify the object that appears once the different containers unpack? Because for me once unpack I get a beautiful mortar .. not great to say that it is a FOB :helpsmilie: :book:
  11. Hello to you pilot friends, I invite you to discover our server "1st FIGHTER WING PROGRAM", we are on DCS 2.5 Openbeta. IP: We have several things to make the game experience fun, SRS Simple Radio, Lot4ATC, TACVIEW and Discord The mission also includes several scripts like the CTLD for the game play helicopter, or the CSAR. Do not hesitate to join us on DISCORD: https://discord.gg/NUnabec Do not be shy, the community of and mainly French but the whole mission on our server is made in English. Have a good flight on our server or elsewhere!
  12. Please razbam can you just give a little more power of these light ?
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