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  1. in F16 controls serch for: "ICP increment/decrement switch"
  2. In mission editor and in the other missions or campaigns, the Huey Radio compass indicator work fine, but in mission 7 of Argo Campaign, my ADF to Senaki (688Khz) don't work. It indicates 310°. I followed to the end of the map and it never changed direction. It just wobbles a little. Ps: The morse signal is correct.
  3. in VR with Oculus Rift S: base.init_pos = {2,-0.8}
  4. Vi faccio i miei complimenti per questo modulo che è semplicemente spettacolare! Ho una domandina: Nel pannellino del Gps del cosciale di dx come faccio a seguire dei waypoint in un piano di volo? Grazie mille a chi avrà la pazienza di rispondermi.
  5. I've installed dcs openbeta 2.5.1 but i can't install F18 module. Why? Please help me.
  6. Thank's! Now I understand how to do it. But how remove the MOA limits?
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