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  1. The main goal was to make a "concept" script to pull ucids. Mainly to develop a "admin menu" so I could create different commands that only an authorized user could run. Was going to use the ucid as a "check" mechanism, as I'd only allow certain ucids to run certain commands. Now I've moved in to this by using circibobs SSB script with a combination of Group specific, custom F10 commands. Though it is proving more difficult than I'd thought...
  2. Thanks all for the ideas but I think I've figured out that one cannot simply run NET commands unless it is server side with a dedicated script. I'm doing a sort of workaround by using the SimpleSlotBlocking Mod by Circibob. Then trying to implement specific F10 commands to those blocked off group slots in this other post (https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/258583-lua-f10-menu-script-questions/?tab=comments#comment-4535725). Hopefully this will work out.
  3. Greetings All, I was making a script that will allow specific groups access to given options for the F10 Menu in multiplayer. In this example there are 4 groups, (e.g. XX-DRAGON-1-1-XX, ...) as seen in the code below. When the mission starts, I 'DO SCRIPT FILE' and run the following code to no avail. ------------------------------------------------------------------ -- CustomLUA F10 Menu for Specific Groups -- ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Hmm, that would make sense as to why this does not work. Is there any way to check a player UCID with a singleton script? Or perhaps a way to call it from a mod like SLMOD?
  5. Greetings and happy new year all, I've been working on a script to detect a players ucid and print to screen in game, simple enough I thought... Doing this only to enable greater functions, gotta start somewhere. Below is a snippet of my code in a main function that is always running in the background -- If Flag # triggered do... if trigger.misc.getUserFlag('3002') == 1 then trigger.action.setUserFlag('3002', false) --trigger.action.outText("Success!", 10) trigger.action.outSound("1-success.wav") txt1 = " Your UCID is..." trigger.action.outText(txt1
  6. Greetings All, I've been having a hard time learning exactly how to parse the existing SLMOD Stats file to eventually be able to display my server stats online. I've seen many mentions of this on the forums but no way to go about it and I am no LUA expert, though I am willing to try. SLMOD STATS sample LUA Table data... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [color="Green"]stats = { ["b3961df7f720c4288522019d0455fa4a"] = { ["times"] = { ["AV8BNA"] = { ["inAir"] = 14
  7. Thanks a ton! I appreciate the info and for saving me the development time!
  8. Greetings All, I've been working to try and create a LUA script that I can run in order to send data from the game to a Discord "webhook". I do not have a lot of knowledge on the topic but have been trying to learn more. It seems that LUASocket and JSON are all integrated in DCS thankfully, but I am not sure how to exactly make this work. So far I've come up with the following, but it does not work, any ideas? Just a post to provoke thought and ideas since I've not found any decent resources. (e.g. Have a trigger cause a msg. to send to Discord WebHook) ----------------------------
  9. It sure would be nice to see a overhaul of the underlying code behind DCS, though this is a major task. Overly graphics optimization is something that has been long needed and if no major changes come in the next few years the problems will just keep piling up. I have hope, but it is stretched thinly.
  10. It would be neat to some some particle effects on the ground in that case, kinda like the jets do when you zip over the water going really fast!
  11. Wish this was fixed, still seems to be quite a problem for server owners. +1 indeed.
  12. Can't wait to see the improved refueling in game, especially once we get of f-18!
  13. Hey all, as one of the many players who hosts a server for DCS, I've been waiting a while for a dedicated server application. It would be nice if ED would give us some news on this as it was apparently "in the works" years ago and has been kept quiet for some time now. Does anyone have any news on this subject/development? Or also wish for a dedicated server?
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