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  1. Actually, you know, it's not all that confusing if you look at it from the perspective of Razbam being rational. The Mig-19p is the only variant that historically had radar and was armed with a combination of cannons and air to air missiles. This loadout makes it the most fun variant to fly of the bunch, and makes it the most competitive it can be in the highly assymetric DCS environment. The S didn't have radar and those models that came after the P (the PM) switched to an all A2A missile design (removing the cannons, which we all know was a briefly undertaken folly by any nation tha
  2. Star Citizen doesn't really exist so it doesn't count. I mean, of course a tech demo that was announced a decade ago is going to use all fourteen. But Battlefield 5 is literally the only legitimate game that's going to use all of them. And I'm curious what you could possibly be complaining about. You spent enough on your computer to be able to trade it in for very reliable car. I run the game on an I5 6500 3.2 ghz, and a GTX 1080 and it runs like a dream both in VR and in normal screen modes. Part of me thinks you made this thread just to start a conversation about your comput
  3. Yeah games that legitimately use multithreading are still so rare that when one does, it's noted in every article and sales blurb. Single core performance is still very much king.
  4. I think it's just you. I was just playing the hornet campaign earlier and I adjusted my landing approach by making sure I was approaching on the side with the wake. But I'll give it another look in a minute or two.
  5. I wasn't here for FC3, all I know of it is its current form, professional flight model and less detail, although I still feel like I learn a lot and have a lot of fun with the FC3 ones I own. I also love russian aircraft, but overall realism is very important to me. I may love russian aircraft more than the US ones (because living in the US we hear about how great we are from childhood on - so learning about russian aircraft and capabilities is like a whole new world and eye opening as to the large gap between the propaganda we grow up with and the reality) So what WAS FC3? I assume th
  6. I own DCS and like fifteen paid modules for it, and I don't see at all how modern air combat fits in. Is it meant to be like war thunder, except more sim'ish and modern only? Is it meant to be simply a facelift for DCS' multiplayer? Are the aircraft offered in it going to be redesigns of aircraft already in DCS? Or are DCS aircraft we already own identical to the ones announced for MAC If we own DCS, do we own MAC? Will the aircraft in that be sold separately? Will it be free and depending upon microtransactions for sales? If it's a standalone project not related to DCS, do w
  7. My instinct was that people who play games online tend to get hyper sensitive and angry whenever they die in a way that they perceive to be not their own fault. My area of study in university was philosophy and I can't help but be reminded of what are generally accepted as the progressive stages of moral reasoning - ostensibly one progresses from one to the next but in reality of the six stages only a small minority of people reach the sixth stage, which would entail less caring for your own treatment, less concern with what's fair than what's right and the cognitive dissolution of a firm c
  8. Mods should I be posting in this thread or making my own? I just wanted to talk about this particular type of stall which is deceptively easy to fall into in the Su-33 and I have a video of exactly what happened, what I did to fall into it and what I tried to do to get out.
  9. fergrim

    ECM help request

    So two-three years later.... Does the PCM function work or not?
  10. It's not about agreement or not, though. It's simply true. Any in service aircraft is not going to be eligible to be simulated to the degree that we expect from our DCS study quality simulation modules. The necessary information for the requisite accuracy is simply not available. This is why every aircraft available is going to be about a decade old at about the newest. Find a single military flight simulator that goes into the level of detail that DCS does and models a completely new military aircraft. There simply isn't one and the reason is exactly as stated. And neither ED
  11. I just wanted to point out that this is a big deal and a huge disappointment for those of us who have bought the different modules of FC3 separately. I own every FC3 module except the A-10 since i have the big fancy A-10 module already. I've been excited about this J-11 since you announced it, the Su-27 and 33 were the first aircraft I purchased for DCS. I couldn't afford Flaming Cliffs in its entirety at the time and being able to buy things piece by piece was really convenient and something I sold DCS to friends and family on. Obviously spending 40 dollars for several aircraft I've
  12. If I had an option now, I'd be asking which I should get it on, not just hoping it's released for steam. And honestly, ED would probably see much more money if they focused on steam as a primary release platform because the steam client gets more traffic than their website ever will. That said, I'd bounced back and forth between the two, but it comes down to slightly more frequent steam sales and the fact that literally every other game I own comes through steam. It's just more convenient. On top of that, I have a vive, which is integrated with steam. Even still, I'd switch it t
  13. I bought the Su-27, F-15 and Su-33 all as separate packages and I've been waiting for the Mig-29 FM update to do the same for it also. As i'm sure you can tell, at this point in time buying the entire Flaming Cliff's pack would be a huge waste of money for me since you get no discount for content already owned, I'd be wasting a huge amount of money to buy FC in its entirety now so the Mig-29's availability is really key for me. I see the 29 standalone for sale here on DCS's website, but steam still has the same old list it's always had. Is there some standard amount of delay that I shou
  14. I'm referring to the changes mentioned in the patch notes, and honestly, i'm not convinced they are short legged.. I know in the past the R-77 was simply not working as intended and the patch notes reference a number of changes to how they they are launched And I'd sooner believe that Wiki's fact checked information comes from the brochure for prospective missile buyers and that their figures assume the absolute most ideal confluence of circumstance imaginable
  15. But the R-77 is now functioning how it should? That might be enough to get me into the mig. My only real issue is that since I already bought the SU-33, F15 and SU-27 separately - it's a tough pill to swallow to paid 25 for the migs and j-11 I also have the A-10c already so I mean, no harm, i'm a completionist but still I rarely have gaming money to spend so I'm trying to decide wisely
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