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  1. edit: I appear to have fixed the above by elevated priv for python I'm curios on the time settings? Is there a setting to adjust from Zulu to local as the missions are being set to Zulu but the theatre is +2
  2. hey guys. trying to put this onto a dedicated server. i get the following. Error seems to be about the mission file created by the bat file using 7zip, python then can't open or find it? is this a privilege issue? dcs_weather.txt
  3. pretty keen to run this on a server minus the F14A also, couple of feedback tidbits from Justdude's server when operating at night the carrier was not transitioning to CASE 3 And F18s off the carrier were not receiving datalink SA contacts from the AWACS while F16s from incirlik were potentially due to the length of the missions without a restart? I'm not sure just speculating
  4. great work on this app. Wondering; would there be scope to turn it into a web based gui and run it on a small server (even a pi). Could create the miz, whoever is the designated host dls the miz and runs the mission, has a hook to pass the results to the server?
  5. except that you can get one new for 50 more...
  6. I've had a clear and detrimental impact to performance in VR with 2.5.6. I'm down as low as 20-30fps where i would have previously been stable 45 if not 60s and 70s. Not really playable at those levels. The reduction in quality to ensure 45+ results in awful shimmer and blur due to the MSAA and PD settings i have to enable
  7. worked 2nd rotation through easily. was able to choose both the first and 2nd flights which was a great addition to the menu i thoughht. well done!
  8. Thanks mate ! Just a thought while we're on the mp topic. Feature request: Mp option in the first mission/skip mission bats to actually go through the entire ATO and choose which flights are player controlled would be awesome! Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  9. Hi Yes f14 works Try asking for 2 f18 strike and 2 f18s as the supporting element and see what happens No change to the f16c from my recollection Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  10. attached is the oob_air from init. running the first mission bat to restart the campaign. the only change is addition of VFA-122 set to the vinson with same setting as VFA-131 except only SEAD and ESCORT missions true. , and VF101 moved off the vinson to give VFA-122 sole access to it. this is from a fresh install of the latest Hornet over PG to ensure all other files should be untouched. oob_air_init.lua
  11. yep agreed. So in the current first mission bat file. I can select 1 strike which i do each time. for the second flight i cannot set a task in the bat file, however i have set the other f18 squadron to be solely responsible for sead and escort in their OOB field is there a newer first mission/skip mission bat that allows to select the 2nd flights task? i still get the above message and 20 tries.
  12. PB0, miguel et al. Editing the init luas in order to change the oob, i was aiming to increase the amount of F18 sqdrns and have them available as a selection in MP ATO creating. What i'm finding is that despite have a full squadron of f18s additional to VFA 131, the ATO can never find aircraft for the 2nd flight to support a package of F18s. The ato works fine if we select the F14bs of VF101 or M2000 for instance, the moment we select F18 as the second aiframe it will cycle the ATO 20 times and say that there is not enough aircraft available for second flight. This is despite packages bei
  13. enjoying your work. trying with the huion. There's a little bit of latency with the pen tracking which makes writing anything small a bit tricky but not bad implementation!
  14. The issue isn't so much the ai engage you. Its that they are guaranteed to spot you if you are so much as 1m out of cover. The realism of spotting is just not modelled for ai. Which is incredible for a sim that started with an attack chopper over 10 years ago Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  15. Same class and use Better functionality and effect Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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