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  1. Hey Bailey, I got the F-18C.vax to load finally. Don't why it loads now and not yesterday. Anyway, I was going through the commands and noticed, for example, when I spoke "Active Pause", the software recognizes the command with a green box, but then brings up the Voiceattack Manual.pdf. Other commands, evoke similar reactions to the Voiceattack manual or Internet Explorer or other software. Do you know what could be causing this?
  2. The F-18C Profile is a .vax file and the program will not pick it up to import into voiceattack. However, I have a F-16C profile that is a .vap file and the program picks it up just fine. Why the different file extensions and how can I load the F-18C profile?
  3. For those of you who have been on the forum for a whole and have seen my past posts asking for advise and help and a Frame Rate pause or stutter that has been the bain of my existence. Initially, I noticed it with A-10C. You are either on the ground taxiing out, where I saw it the most, or in the air down low, the stutters would come into play. At the time, my system was an i5-6600K, GTX 1080, 32GB RAM, SSD drive with TrackIR 5 configuration. Hoping that more power would burn through the problem, I gutted my old system and rebuild it into a i9-9900K, RX 6800 XT, 32GB, SSD drive with
  4. The M2000C module has been out for a long time and it's still not complete? Have you heard when it is expected to be completed or is it open-ended?
  5. I just bought a Samsung EVO 970 1TB drive. It has not arrived yet, but my hope is that it will help with "ticks" and quick freezes that I get in DCS. When that happens, the activity light on my SSD drive lights up like it is having to "go to the well" too often. I recently rebuilt my whole system with Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro mobo, I9-9900K CPU, 32GB low latency RAM, AMD 6800 XT GPU, my drives are a PNY 480GB SSD (current boot drive) and a 1 TB Western Digital FireCuda (DCS location). Again, I hope to jump in speed will help my issues. So far, the SSDs and other hardware have no
  6. Hey Bailey, I love your profiles and prefer them over others I have tried. Are thinking about doing one for the M2000C?
  7. Growling Sidewinder is who I am training with, but he is not always available when I am and suggested that regularly training with real humans would be my next step. When I get on the Growling Sidewinder Open Conflict Server, I get my butt kicked. There are just too many enemies and chaos going on and I need some 1 V 1 time.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a server for BVR training? I have been looking around and am only finding servers for squadrons and flying missions. I am really wanting to up my game and my trainer says I have progressed past AI opponents and need to start flying against real folks to to further hone my skills. Any thoughts?
  9. I was using Dr. Extractor. I downloaded WinZip and it installed properly. HOORAH!! Dr. Extractor has been good to me for everything but this for some reason. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. I tried a single installation again deleting all other copies at Users/username/Saved Games/Mods/Aircraft. I placed the CivilAircraftMod folder in the Aircraft folder. It still comes up with at error when loading INTERCEPTOR campaign. (Needs modules for load mission: CivilAircraftMod) When I extract from Civil+Aircraft+Mod+V0.86.7z (the latest I could find) from http://www.cam.em-key.de, it says the extraction fails, but it shows everything (I think) in the folder like the extraction was successful. Not sure what is going on there. Is this the file I should be downloading? If not, what
  11. Hey Bunny, I've been playing your Oil in the Water campaign and really enjoy it. I am on the nigh mission and attempting to bomb fast attack boat in my kill box. However, I am having a real problem trying to find the boats with the FLIR (even with labels ON). I tried using the ground radar and did not have any luck there either. So far I having only been able to drop on one boat which I killed. Another thing is the wingman will not engage the boats. He says AFFIRM and flys out to them but does not attack and rejoins. Do you have any suggestions? Also, I have noticed that if I fa
  12. OK, I found the Civil Objects mod and installed it. That error is gone, but it keeps showing the CivilAircraftMod error and have placed it in several folders to get it to work without success.
  13. Yes, it was not the mission. I was using a VoiceAttack profile that was hear some background noise and putting the game into ACTIVE PAUSE without notifying me. So I could do everything as normal in the cockpit, but could not move the aircraft. When I realized this, I changed the code to only initiate the ACTIVE PAUSE when I pressed the buttons to do so instead listening for it. After that I had no issues. Thanks for following up though.
  14. I have downloaded the INTERCEPTOR campaign for the F-18 from the DCS user files. When attempting to start, a dialog box popped up and said I needed the Civil Aircraft Mod to run this campaign. I downloaded and installed the Civil_Aircraft_Mod to Users/XXXXX/Saved Games/Mods/Aircraft(created this folder) via a tutorial I found on YouTube, but the campaign still does not want to load giving the message: Need modules for load mission: Civil_Objects CivilAircraftMod Now when I extracted the files to put in the aircraft folder, it said the extraction failed. I checked the folder and it look
  15. Bailey, I put in the 7 sec delay for the button press on the timing for PAUSE. But it does not seem to fix the problem. I have been getting multiple ACTIVE PAUSES during a mission. I have to turn off my mic to make it stop and then I cannot use voiceattack.
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