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  1. On a SATA III SSD I still find stuttering when jumping to another unit and DCS needs to load in textures, etc. It takes 1-2 sec for refreshing the textures. I am hoping nvme may fix this issue. Anybody seen this issue?
  2. Agree 100% How can people complain about something that is done for free and for their joy of DCS. Constructive and positive feedback is the way to go.
  3. +1. One of my biggest wishes for DCS is to see vehicles that don't get stuck in buildings so missions with these doesn't always have to be done outside of populated areas or having to stop them from moving.
  4. No worries. I just wanted to see if I could translate it to English (no updates) so it could benefit more people if it had any interest. Cheers
  5. Would you be ok with the community tried to translate your document? I don't want to override any copyrights you have for this doc. :) If so, would you be ok to upload your guide in a different format? Say words or whatever you used as it would be easier to update the document.
  6. This regedit fix for Windows 10 removed pretty much all stuttering for me: I'm running a I9900KF@5Ghz and kept getting micro stutters all the time.
  7. I just started to have a very similar issue. No scripts but an error message saying [string "XYZ"]:1: '=' expected near '<eof>' Weird. The mission starts but I only see the loading screen while I can hear that the mission was loaded and selecting F2, etc. changes the view of planes, etc.
  8. Any reference you can point to or a believe.
  9. after reading all these comments still can't see anybody who definitively can say if 32gb is worth it. I can see stutter from loading in textures, etc. perhaps it's because of the page file. I don't see DCS take above 10gb on my machine.
  10. +1 I really wish PG had stretched a bit further. It would make it go from great to amazing :)
  11. Completely agree. As soon as your vehicles come near a house or two they somehow drive halfway through it and get stuck. It's like the building isn't modelled as a complete solid structure while other obstacles like fences the vehicles will not drive through these but follow them all way way.... I really wish CA would get some improvements with path finding around obstacles.
  12. Very nice liveries. Any chance you would think about making any desert ones for use with Nevada and Persian Gulf? I wish I knew how to paint/draw textures but don't have any artistic bone in my body.
  13. Looking for the same thing. I'm surprised ED didn't make some skins to match.
  14. That is one amazing map sir! I wish DCS had implemented that entire map, it would have been awesome! :)
  15. Did you try to revert back to the older version of the Nvidia driver? I know some people had issues (including myself) with the latest drivers. I really hope somebody in ED is noticing this and looking into it so we can upgrade the driver to the newest ones available again.
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