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  1. Hi guys, I just had a look on the info regarding the Bug, and the only case I found was BuNo162851 which was upgraded from A to C according to FA-18 BUNOs Wiki. Seems the mod changing upgrades are not so usual on the Bugs like how those A Tomcats got upgraded to B. But was there a case like this happened on a B model? Oh hell, I meant B to D, wasn't concentrating while typing and got a C in the title...
  2. It's awesome to see an update coming. But for the skins... BillytheKid always do the squadron emblems in the way of "having a roundel and throw some random elements like the OADF emblem and an aircraft silhouette in" which looks quite strange that every emblem looks alike. :huh: Meanwhile TheMrSir46 draws squadron emblems for skins too, but he got some awesome designs that can line up with the official skins. What about also send a note to him?
  3. What about start with some UN Spacy Tomcat skins, since it's easier to achieve and it was also part of Macross history?
  4. Hi guys, just wonder where I can find the high-vis version of the warning decals to use. Downloaded Heatblur's paint kit but all the templates in there are with low-vis decals. The only ones with usable resolution I found on google were some illustration images of model decal, but I don't think they are ok to use on skins...
  5. OH MY GOSH my favorite CVW and my favorite cat 164603...
  6. Well... a J-8II might stop any people from saying "just another fishbed", but IDK if the advanced models like JZ-8F will be ok for Deka to make even as an AI.
  7. I think they are working on an AI JH-7A as mentioned on their FB page
  8. Would be so cool to see the Digital Thunder scheme...
  9. It has been answered for times, both on Deka's FB page and here... https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=207850
  10. I guess you could also try to talk with uboats, he is like a coordinator between ED, Deka and the Chinese community.
  11. WZNGT

    J-15 Next?

    Not that likely... J-11A uses Su-27S avionic and modified from ED's model, so that saved tons of time for Deka. But Chinese version of Su-33? You could say that regarding J-15's position but not the lineage. China never had any product version of Su-33, only the prototype T-10K-3 and used its carrier specialized designs on J-11. I don't see that the development of J-15 will be easier than other significant evolved model in the Flanker family such as Su-30 or Su-35. Besides, PLA won't release any info of J-15 for DCS's reference... About the Liaoning, markindel(2015) and topergood(recently) made two separate mods with new models of it, dunno if there is a chance for them to work with Deka and then officially add it into DCS as AI. markindel's: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=156191 topergood's: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=205733
  12. The problem of DCS is that the lack of references to make modern AFM(EFM)/ASM modules. FC3 was somehow an exception. The rule of "no FC level, must all AFM(EFM)" seems to be not so solid anymore? In this situation I would like to see more modern planes rather than those MiG-23s, they are not even likely to be still classified. Some are mentioning F-16, but that is on the full simulated module to-do list already so... maybe not in FC4. So my list will be: A-6E F-2A SU-34 J-10A (Deka got a model in-progress already) PS: Maybe add too much Flankers(27SM/30/35) isn't quite welcomed by the community, but I think extend the models that have close relatives in the current DCS will be relatively easier than making new modules. e.g. Deka's J-11A - Su-27S, F-15J - F-15C and perhaps J-7F or the older MiG-21/J-7 versions?
  13. Maybe have a look in Battlefield 4's PLA vehicle list, not highly accurate but can be illuminating。
  14. WZNGT


    Wow, finally there is Deka's own 3rd party section in this forum!
  15. It will be great to be include into DCS as an AI though, so that it won't become unusable as DCS updates...
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