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  1. Good to know, not sure where it came from, but the only difference between the working version and none working version was a couple of updates of DCS, did not change nothing else. Thanks for the info. :)
  2. Had the same problem, here are the logs file. (I'm the other discord guy :P) model_viewer2.log model_viewer2.log
  3. Sounds interesting, but I not sure how all will fit as a DLC (owners and not owners), seems like can be great for all but only "commanders" would buy the module. From a development POV, is that worth it? As player POV, sure the more complexity and realism is added, more interesting missions and campaigns can be done.
  4. Same here with the F18 Free Flight on PG and Nevada, on the OB.
  5. Which one do you recomened more for the corrrect aspect ratio & size? Huion H950P, H640P, or Wacom S, Wacom M? I like the Huion H950P, but Which one do u remomend more?
  6. I'm looking for a new GPU, I was looking for the RTX 2080, I have it for VR, but that will come next month. Right now iI have 24Gb of RAM and an i7 3770 4Ghz, the CPU will be updated also in christmas, but I prefer to upgrade the GPU first. What performance should I spect? Will it be good for VR? or theres another that may be more worth? Is the 2080Ti Worth the extra money? What about the Super?
  7. Does that work in TF-51 or is only for the P-51? In: DCS World\Scripts\Database\planes\ theres no TF-51, so not sure if it affect that model.
  8. I'm gettig s crash after switching more than 2 pages of kneeboard
  9. After placing some static planes on AL DHAFRA AB, Parkings 60-79, Planes are placed over the "hangar". Probably it will happen on others maps too. Any way to fix this?
  10. On Instant Action, Tour of persion Gulf Im getting stuck at Init: 97, never before happened to me.
  11. When talking you must configure the binding for Mic Button VHF1 & 2. Then select the tanker and as usual. But the coms menu must be open with the proper key not just the generic key.
  12. We are all a family here so, +1 for this idea. Subtitles in a future update will be much appreciated for all even for non deaf or people with none native english.
  13. No idea, but sometimes it works, but other times DCS disables my x55 when the edtracker is connected. Any idea?
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