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  1. I have used some MIST, MOOSE but would like to see some additional API functions added. Unfortunately I can only remember one as it has been something I've talked to others about recently which is: - get coordinates from TGP location. Will come back and add more if I can remember other things I wished there was API functions for.
  2. In a 2 circle fight in the F-18C you want to maintain about 350 knots in a rate fight. If you are stalling then you are not maintaining energy and that is why he is catching you. I find for most modern jets the AI Mig-29 is hard to beat in a rate fight but all the other Russian jets are pretty easy. And just to add more videos that might help:
  3. I reverted to 442.74. The massive FPS loss went away. However, doing some testing. There is still ~10 fps drop from the SA page / dispenser combo. ED should probably look at there code anyways and see if there is a more efficient method of coding the display of the chaff / flares, etc on the SA page.
  4. ok, found the mission but game crashes every time I try it. Will try running a repair. Just reinstalled DCS like 3 days ago though.
  5. Partially agree about your comment on keeping it termed early access until all original listed functions are complete. But to be honest, the hornet will get hose features weather it is termed early access or not. Saying those features have to be done before EA term is removed doesn't mean the development will get completed any faster and rather means EA could run well into 2021 instead. I guess my point is we just have to be patient and enjoy the features that are already there. I do however wish a few features had been implemented earlier on, many are now there but were added so late.
  6. The MPRS version is developed by Razbam. I don't think they bothered to model the Boom and director lights. They put it in the game because people wanted a faster refueling plane for use with the M-2000C.
  7. I recently started flying again in DCS and was trying out the F-18C. Noticed a drop in fps from 60 to as low as 23 fps (currently using VSYNC in track file below, but have tested without VSYNC). When not using VSYNC it has dropped from 90 down to 20ish. I flew many times trying to narrow down the cause and found it is when the SA page is open and if you turn the dispenser off the FPS drop doesn't occur. See track file attached. All testing down in 2.5.6 latest version as of April 22. F-18C Blk 20 SA Page + Dispenser Lag.trk
  8. Can you please increase the brightness of the A/F Director lights. It is really hard to see them against the painted white bars in the day time. The U/D Light is fine though but it is shining against a black background anyways.
  9. He's right and this link can help fix it. https://www.canada.ca/en/services/defence/caf/military-identity-system/air-force-ranks.html
  10. It isn't up to the processor to decide what operations are processed by a thread. It sort of isn't up to an OS to decide either. You have to write code to utilize multi-threading. Unfortunately I can't link most of my text books from university that are C++ related. But the link below will explain how programming for parallel processing works. Sorry, in short notice it is the only online text book I can think of that has good easy to understand examples. http://math.hws.edu/javanotes/c12/index.html I think the point The_Nephilim is trying to make is he asked people on the forums for
  11. Maybe, but to make a game use multi-core / threads more evenly you have to write the program from the beginning to do so. This likely would mean a complete rewrite of DCS and possibly all of its planes. Since DCS is an on going evolution of Lock On: Modern Warfare and likely still uses a lot of code from 2003, they would have 17 years of work to rewrite. And for others, a software program HAS to be programmed for multi-threaded use. An OS can't do it on its own. If DCS for a majority of its code isn't designed for multi-threaded use, it will operate majority wise on a single core. Not
  12. If you have FC3, go up in the F-15C and refuel. It is just a matter of following lines. It might actually be easier for some people than in the hornet (ei. People who can't stop themselves from looking at the probe and basket rather than points on the tanker).
  13. You must be doing something wrong. Try beating your head on one. I can't stop laughing.
  14. The plane is very capable even at its current state. It's strike capabilities even without all weapons having all attack modes available. There is also more than enough systems to keep you busy learning. Learning to land on a carrier using proper pattern and consistency could take up a lot of time alone. It is good for air to air but not as capable against multiple targets as the F-15C yet since it's TWS is still in development. However, it does have the SA page with datalinked information that trumps what the current F-15C in game is capable of. So there are ups and downs. For BFM it
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