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  1. My Opinion I'm fine with waiting and I appreciate ED's commitment to finishing the EA modules. I've been playing flight sims since Chuck Yeager's Air Combat and have watched many developers come and go. ED and 1C have shocked me with their staying power. For both companies, it's obvious this is a labor of love. Thanks for making a sim that brings me so many hours of entertainment and one that no other developer would even dare to attempt. Stay healthy ED.
  2. Hello, I just downloaded the latest version of CF and also ran the updater. I can't get it to run, it doesn't make it past the beginning of the loading screen and immediiately crashes to the desktop. Does anyone have any tips or fixes? Thanks
  3. Purchased, literally within minutes of learning it's available. Can't wait to fly my Hornet out to it. I do have one complaint though, it's not "my" boat. Spent several years on the Eisenhower and was hoping she'd be one of the hull numbers.
  4. Just built myself a button box with switches and axis's so that I could map all of the lights in the Viggen, only to discover that the most of the keybinds either don't work properly, or are missing completely. Does anyone know if Heatblur has acknowledged this and/or is working on it? It seems like a very easy fix for them.
  5. I am too! Does anyone know if ED has published any specs on the harpoon.? I'd like to know what the range and the search cone is.
  6. Just some additional advice: For clarity, always specify either "true" or "relative" bearing. This becomes critical when relaying target information to other units you are working with and who may be positioned nowhere near you.
  7. New Aircraft Carrier Mod I rarely post, but am hoping that ED sees this and considers tweaking the color of the new CVN decks while this is still a work in progress. I spent many years walking the decks of CVN's and when I saw the recent screenshots, what immediately jumped out at me was the deck color. It is, in my opinion, far too brown. I've had my hands in this non-skid coating and actually applied it to the deck. It is grey, and while it does fade due to UV exposure over time, it doesn't take on this brown color, which, to my eye, looks more like a stained concrete. I'll buy th
  8. I'm trying to learn how to use MP. I downloaded Teamspeak, registered, and connected to the Coldwar channels but it looks like I am the only one on Teamspeak. I don't see other players using it - there are many other players on the actual CW DCS server though. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Hello All, I'm actually a graphic designer by trade but new to DCS and skinning and I am attempting to make my very first skin. I have the Hornet PSD template but it only has very limited markings and beyond the obvious stuff, I'm having trouble figuring out what should go where. Does anyone have a PSD of a skin they've done or even a transparent PNG that I could add as a gude layer? I want to do a fully painted top/spine and I'd like to skin the drop tanks too. I am having an especially hard time with getting oriented on the FPU file. I'm doing a fictional Jamaican / Rastafarian Squ
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